24 Hours and 100,000+ Signatures


Leonard Goenaga

Dec 20, 2013 3:22 PM

You are amazing. In under 24 hours, you have helped us get more than 116,572 signatures to our petition asking A&E to immediately reinstate Phil Robertson. The map above only represents less than 10% of the signatures so far! This is a huge accomplishment, and it would not have been possible without you.

Exciting things are happening. Because of you and the amazing groundswell of grassroots support for Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty expressed in the “I Stand With Phil” petition, secular and Christian print, radio and television media outlets nationwide are reporting on the rapidly emerging and economically powerful Faith Driven Consumer movement that we are creating.


Your hard work has had amazing results, and the numbers tell the story best. Here's a picture of how the petition has performed in the past 24 hours:

  • 1 Duck Dynasty Patriarch
  • 1 Website
  • 1,352 Phone Calls
  • 34,275 Text Messages
  • 117,052 Signatures (yes, it grew by nearly 500 in a couple of minutes since starting this email)
  • 279,393 Visitors
  • 2,017,031 Pageviews (you're reading an average of 7.22 pages per visit!)

And one of the reasons for this growth is all the support you've shown Phil Robertson on social media:

  • 1 #IStandWithPhil Trending Hashtag
  • 1 #IStandWithPhil Facebook App
  • 2,000-3,000+ #IStandWithPhil Tweets an Hour
  • 5,894 Facebook Comments
  • 12,154 Facebook Shares
  • 122,317 Facebook Link Clicks
  • 968,650 People Reached Through Our Facebook Page and Posts!

Our goal is to reach 200,000 petition signatures so that the A&E Network will take notice. Will you help us get there? We can only do it with your help! Please click the buttons below, and share/tweet this page with your friends and family.

Together, as a community, we can make an impact in the culture that keeps faith-compatible shows like Duck Dynasty on the air and encourages corporate American to welcome and respect biblical values in the marketplace of goods, services, and ideas.


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  • In Dearborn Michigan the muslims fought to have church bells banned & they won saying the bells were too loud. Now the Islamic “call to prayer” is broadcast from several mosques 5 times a day & 2 minutes long (imagine a church broadcasting a 2 minute prayer 5 times a day lol) If this was an imam that said what phil Robertson said there wouldn’t be a peep out of anyone because they are all petrified of what the payback might be. Athiests don’t protest the loudspeakers that broadcast the call to prayer which is heard in surrounding cities so are we to believe there are no athiests in surrounding cities? of course there are but they are cowards when it comes to islam. Hollywood liberals says it’s a compliment that Christians can be attacked & insulted in the movies & shows like the family guy (that sissy seth McFarlane ) backed down from showing a image of Muhammad on a show he was threatened & chickened out as did south park they are the worst case of cowards I’ve ever seen.
  • I read this earlier today and had to share. It goes in the “wish i’d said that” catagory…lol

    On the Phil Robertson controversy:

    This incident shows the great divide in the country on those who believe the Bible and those who feel that sin changes with the times. There is a great deal of talk about tolerance. Let’s look at tolerance:

    —Tolerance usually means the acceptance of something bad. It maybe a child’s behavior, bad manners on the part of someone, someone drinking,a squeaky fan belt, a rude waiter, or a myriad of other negative things. You seldom if ever hear of someone tolerating something positive.

    —With good marketing and advertising something once negative becomes tolerated, exalted and is considered “good”. “Good” has become "bad’’ and “bad” has become “good” as a result of tolerance.

    —One generation will consider something perverted or evil. The next generation may tolerate it. The next one embraces it. That is what has happened with homosexuality.

    —In the guise of “tolerance” Christianity is being suppressed and its beliefs and principles are being made a mockery of by the media, the entertainment world, and the leftist politicians up to and including the President of the United States.

    —The US is not suffering from intolerance. The country is being overrun by the bigoted and the broadminded. Tolerance it an attitude of reasoned patience toward evil and prevents us from showing anger or inflicting punishment.

    —Tolerance does not apply to truth or principles. We must be intolerant about these things. Intolerance is the foundation of stability.

    We must also understand the US is in a culture war to the death. The Barbarians are inside the gates and they don’t listen to reason. The attacks on Phil Robertson show this. This is not about freedom of speech or whether or not A&E has the right to fire him. It’s about what happens when the religious principles are stood up for by a God-loving, Christian man who represents the vast majority of the country and not the 1% who are homosexual plus their allies.
  • Counter-Boycott!

    Let’s face it, small groups have used the threat of boycott to great effect over the past few years to silence a people they do not agree with. Phil Robertson is just the latest in a long line of people who were forced out due to the threat of a sponsor boycott. Whether or not you agree with Phil is immaterial. The real issue here is that we, as Americans, have the right, granted to us through the First Amendment to the United States Constitution to the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of Religion. Those rights are placed in the First Amendment because they are at the forefront of what is necessary for freedom to exist. The boycott is a powerful tool used to great effect by Mohandas Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to solve some of the greatest issues to have faced their respective nations, but this strategy has been hijacked by groups of people who wish to silence, rather than empower, people. The freedom of the American people is being eroded at a rapid rate. Lately, it seems, Americans must censor what they say, and people of faith find themselves under constant attack. I suggest that now is the time for Americans to stand up for their freedom. I suggest a Counter-Boycott!

    GLAAD used the threat of a sponsor boycott to get A&E to silence Phil Robertson, but the group of people that GLAAD represents is not a very large chunk of A&E’s viewers. If a larger group of viewers were to propose a boycott of ALL sponsors of A&E programming unless the network were to issue a formal apology to Phil Robertson for its discriminatory firing of him based on his faith and the attempt to censor him because a group of Americans found what he had to say “offensive”, they really would not have any choice but to give in. Americans need to stand up against this tyranny if there is any hope of ending it and having a truly free society where members of all groups have the ability to freely express themselves without the fear of recrimination for their beliefs, and the Counter-Boycott might just be the stand that makes groups like GLAAD think twice the next time they try to silence someone they do not agree with. Taking the threat of the boycott away from these groups by using the tactic to greater effect than they do will, at the very least, open the channels of discourse once again in a society that has fallen into the depths of tyranny. Let the majority of Americans use their voice to fight against this injustice.
  • So much volume so quickly, how many billions did you spend on a web site that works!