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    We are Faith Driven Consumers (FDCs)—the economically powerful subset of the overall Christian market.  FDCs proactively live out our faith in every area of our lives, including where we work and shop, what we buy and the entertainment choices we make.  Our daily choices are a demonstration of stewardship.  As Faith Driven Consumers we make decisions in the context of our biblical worldview—it defines who we are.

    Faith Driven Consumer™ is the advocacy organization for FDCs.  Every week we have one-on-one conversations with America’s corporate leaders asking them to treat Faith Driven Consumers equal to other groups in their rainbow of diversity.  Largely they have done nothing to stop their discrimination—and they continue to exclude Faith Driven Consumers.  Why?  They tell us it’s because we aren’t putting as much pressure on them as other groups do. 

    Share our experience—watch GOD’S NOT DEAD 2.  It’s an important and timely movie dramatizing real life.  Join the movement today before your voice is silenced. 

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    Dear Corporate Leader,

    I am a Faith Driven Consumer—a member of a community of Faith Driven Consumers who spend $2 trillion every year in the marketplace. And since there are 41 million of us, we also come to work every day in your company—a company that claims to champion diversity and inclusion.

    In reality, you don’t treat us as equally as other groups.  

    I watch Corporate America leading the charge for “tolerance” and “inclusivity” for a wide variety of ideas and viewpoints—all while taking steps that marginalize us. Equality means equality for all—including Faith Driven Consumers. 

    Just like everyone else, I want to be able to bring 100% of myself into the workplace and marketplace.  And I want to feel welcomed, embraced and celebrated just like the other groups you and other brands prioritize.

    Instead, I see headlines every day about brands embracing some groups over others—and creating second-class citizenship for Faith Driven Consumers like me. That’s unfair, but it’s also unwise—because ignoring us is bad for business.

    By signing this petition, I am joining a national movement of Faith Driven Consumers pledging to support brands that score better than their competitors on the Faith Equality Index. Together, we ask your brand to publicly acknowledge Faith Driven Consumers and take specific, ongoing steps to welcome us into your rainbow of diversity and improve your company’s Faith Equality Index score—close the gaps. 

    While other indexes help consumers understand how brands welcome, embrace and celebrate the Hispanic, African-American, LGBT, disabled, and other communities, the Faith Equality Index is the benchmark resource focused on how you engage me—a member of the underserved Faith Driven Consumer market.

    One of America’s greatest strengths is its diversity. Because Corporate America celebrates diversity and inclusion, I ask your brand to #AddUsIn—demonstrate your commitment to full application of equality.

    Inclusiveness doesn’t mean welcoming some people, it means welcoming all. 


    A Faith Driven Consumer

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  • Ricia Hulbert, no, it is not a remake of the movie “The Robe.” Just look at the plot of The Robe from IMDb, “Marcellus is a tribune in the time of Christ. He is in charge of the group that is assigned to crucify Jesus. Drunk, he wins Jesus’ homespun robe after the crucifixion. He is tormented by nightmares and delusions after the event. Hoping to find a way to live with what he has done, and still not believing in Jesus, he returns to Palestine to try and learn what he can of the man he killed.”

    The basis for “Risen” is loosely based on the Book of Acts in the Bible, even though there was no mention of an investigation into finding Christ’s body. Instead, the Book of Matthew says, in chapter 28, verses 11-15, the soldiers who had been charged with guarding Christ’s tomb were bribed to spread the lie that some of Christ’s apostles had snuck past them during the night and had stolen Christ’s body (even thought the tomb was sealed). Matthew 28:15 says, “And this story has been widely circulated among the Jews to this very day.” God knows that some people, in their rejection of Christ, would insist on believing lies rather than seeking the truth. Even to our modern times, this is true.

  • Mary Harper, perhaps you haven’t read Tyson’s website. They do have international Operations, but if you read the page (, you’ll discover that Tyson EXPORTS their food products to several companies, and has operations in China and India, where they grow the food THERE to provide specifically for those two nation’s consumers.

    It does NOT say Tyson IMPORTS any products into the States from either of these nations. Just because the FDA approved a program that would allow factory farms to send their chickens to china for processing and then return the finished product to the States, does NOT mean that every corporation involved in the meat-production industry actually takes advantage of the program.

    Do some research, Mary; read Tyson’s website, and see how well they do. It’s the HONEST thing to do.