7-19-2013: One News Now: Website allows consumers to relate based on faith

TEXT ARTICLE: One News Now: Website Allows Consumers to relate Based on Faith


Website allows consumers to relate based on faith

Chris Woodward   (OneNewsNow.com) Friday, July 19, 2013

"A website that offers resources to Christian consumers has a new effort underway. Participants can now interact and engage with friends and businesses.

Faith Driven Consumer launched its new community platform on July 16.

Creator Chris Stone explains what the program is about.

"We've created a true community where people can interact, recruit their friends and have local gatherings,” he says. “They can communicate with companies and invite those companies to engage with them.”

According to Stone, Americans make about 5,000 decisions every day, some big and some small.

"As Christians, we want to make those decisions in a way that honors God,” he adds. “Faith Driven Consumer provides a resource for them and an opportunity for them to interact and to speak with a common voice."

Stone says not every business will listen, but others will. Faith driven consumers have to make sure that happens.

"With some of the recent religious freedom issues, there have been some vocal Christians,” he tells OneNewsNow. “But in the marketplace, Christians have been late to identify specifically what they would like to see. We're beginning to see more of that, and this community of Faith Driven Consumer is enabling Christians to have that voice."

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