6 Tips On Using The Faith Equality Index To Make Faith-Driven Shopping Decisions


Nov 10, 2015 4:57 PM

Now that the groundbreaking Faith Equality Index (FEI) has been launched, it’s time to dig a little deeper and take a look at how you as a Faith Driven Consumer can use this valuable tool to make wise stewardship decisions as you go about your daily shopping.

  1. Remember that we are just getting started!  So far, we have rated more than 400 brands on a 100-point scale based on four categories of criteria important to biblically orthodox Christians. There are hundreds more companies that we plan to score in upcoming months, so hang tight and be patient if there’s a particular brand you are interested in but has not yet been rated.  Meantime, you can let us know here which companies you’d like to see rated.
  2. Most of the current scores are low, but Rome wasn’t built in a day! While at first glance you may be surprised to see that many of the scores are relatively low, you should know that the FEI establishes a benchmark—a starting point—that brands can improve upon. And in the coming weeks, months and years, we will be asking you to join with tens of thousands of your fellow Faith Driven Consumers to encourage brands to welcome us as a community and raise their FEI scores. It’s a long-haul effort, but we’re optimistic that companies will respond positively as they increasingly recognize how underserved the Faith Driven Consumer community is compared to other groups they embrace.
  3. Take a look at the scoring criteria and understand the factors we use to rate the brands you care about.  As you can see, these four categories of criteria cover a lot of bases important to Bible-believing Christians. From use of the word “Christmas” in advertising, to religious liberty, to corporate behavior on important social issues like life, family and marriage, to how well brands acknowledge, respect, welcome and celebrate Faith Driven Consumers and employees, the FEI offers the most comprehensive snapshot of how companies rate in comparison to their competition. Armed with scores that reflect the relative faith friendliness of one brand over another in the same category, you can make an informed decision on how to spend the hard-earned dollars God has entrusted to you.
  4. Just because we’ve rated a brand, doesn’t mean we “endorse” it!  Whether high or low, a company’s FEI score does NOT constitute an "endorsement" on our part. Rather, scores should be compared head-to-head with other brands in the same category to indicate the degree to which a brand is relatively more faith compatible than its competitors. We realize that until more companies take active steps to raise their score there may be some categories in which few, if any, companies rise to the level that Faith Driven Consumers feel comfortable shopping with them.  Despite this, knowing a brand’s FEI score empowers you as a Faith Driven Consumer to compare company ratings and see for yourself which brands score better—and then make an informed, prayerful decision as to whether you will support them. As explained on the FEI Overview page, brands with the highest score in their category are noted with a ribbon on their logo. Find out what the other icons (star, plus and check) mean here.
  5. Remember that we’re called to be missionaries in the marketplace!  If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a moment to read about our call as Christians to be a light for Christ in the place where we spend the overwhelming majority of our time—the marketplace.  
  6. Check out the FEI rankings by score and category in the 2016 FEI Report. While each company’s FEI score and detailed scorecard is easily found by hovering over the brand’s logo or using the search box above the category buttons, some have asked for a report of all company ratings in one place.  Click here to see how the 400+ brands we have rated so far stack up against all others by score, within their respective categories, and alphabetically.

If you have a question about the Faith Equality Index that we haven’t answered above or on the FEI Overview page, feel free to ask it in the comments below.

Every choice matters when it comes to biblical stewardship. Stay tuned for more tips to help you navigate the Faith Equality Index and use it to not only spend your dollars wisely—in line with your biblical values—but also encourage brands to welcome us as Faith Driven Consumers on equal footing with other groups that they currently acknowledge and celebrate.