August 02, 2012

8-2-2012: Focus on the Family & Chick-fil-A

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Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day Turnout Could Signal Voters’ Motivation

by Karla Dial

ChickfilACowAs an untold number of people streamed to Chick-fil-A on Wednesday to show their support for free speech, marriage and traditional values, talk show host Rush Limbaugh predicted on his radio program that they are likely to show up in equal droves at the polls in November.

“There is an explosion waiting to happen in this country. People are fed up, and this is a sign,” he said. “I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen on November 6. Obama’s gonna get Chick-fil-A’d himself.”

CitizenLink Executive Director Tom Minnery said the outpouring of support could have an effect in November — as long as all the people who made their views known Wednesday are registered voters.

“It was pent-up opportunity for people to respond to the president’s 180-degree change on the definition of marriage,” he said. “People needed a chance to respond and express their opposition to that, and this was the perfect opportunity for them to do that.

“There are more people than necessary who believe in marriage to turn the country around in the fall,” he added. “If people who believe strongly for marriage all make sure they cast an informed vote on Election Day, I think the wave will be huge.”

Focus on the Family is one of half a dozen pro-family organizations involved in the Commit2Vote2012 project, which recently identified more than 5 million people supporting biblical values who are not registered to vote.

Chris Stone, founder of the four-year-old consulting company Faith Driven Consumer, said 15 percent of the U.S. population — 46 million people —actively seek companies that respect their values.

“We’ve determined that they think differently — often very differently — from the Christian market as a whole. I’ve told many people who are running for office or engaged in campaigns that that they will not win without these people showing up,” he told CitizenLink. “These are the people who really live their faith, and who really are voting not on a fiscal platform as much as a social platform.

“We’ve now proven they can be motivated to action. This is a rapidly emerging, powerful market segment that people need to acknowledge, because they’re there.”

Richard Land, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, agreed.

“This really struck a chord with people. You give people an opportunity to do something a way to express how they feel, and they’ll do it. That’s what they did with Chick-fil-A yesterday,” he said.

He said gay activists, with the help of the media, are actively trying to convince people of the inevitability of same-sex marriage.

“That’s nonsense,” he added. “We need to continue to stand up for our convictions, vote our values and beliefs, and pray that God will raise up candidates who will endorse us.”

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