Can you do a review of "Frozen" please? That movie has witchcraft in it.  It also sends a dangerous message to little girls saying, "I don't need a man in my life." However, the love between sisters is nice.  That's probably the only good thing about "Frozen." 

Disney movies in general send humanist and misleading messages like, "Anything your heart desires will come true." ("Pinnochio" - When you wish upon a star).  The Lion King and Pocahantus spreads the native American religion that God is the trees, God is the wind.  Look at the deeper in these Disney movies, and you'll see that the messages are not of The One True God.  The messages are humanist, full of witchcraft, and deeply secular.  Disney has always leaned against a Biblical worldview in my opinion.  I'm sure Disney has done humanly good philanthropy projects, but they do not believe in God.  At least from the movies I've seen.

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