#PasstheTruth instead of #PasstheLight

Not sure if Faith Driven Consumer is aware, but there is a new movie out being billed as a faith-friendly film called "Pass the Light". For some reason, a fire has lit in me to spread the word that Christians should be standing against this movie--as it contradicts Christian doctrine and promotes the LGBT agenda. Even if it isn't the most in your face example, I think the fact that it is being billed as a faith-based movie and the fact that subtly has been the death of us makes the movie more dangerous that 50 Shades of Grey in some ways. I wish people on social media--especially millennials like me--would spread a message of #PasstheTruth and #TruthistheLight to counter the Universalist #PasstheLightMovement that the movie is trying to push. I do not have social media accounts and even if I started some now (though I am morally opposed to social media) I would have no followers so no one would hear my voice. This movie may not become a massive hit, but the next progressive "Christian" movie might be. If we don't start speaking up now, the progressives will hijack the Christian movie industry before we even have a chance to really get it off the ground (as a lot of Christian movies have weak writing and storytelling elements). Let me remind you of some other recent attempts to hijack Truth: Noah and Exodus. A relevant side note: we are also losing righteous sources for media discernment--apparently dove.org is no longer trustworthy as it was one of the reasons this movie is tabbed as faith-friendly for 12 year-olds no less. I did not know about all of this deviant behavior the world pushes until I was in college and I did not even grow up in a Christian home. Some of the problems that almost no Christian review websites (except Focus on the Family's Plugged In) are highlighting is that the movie presents us with broad dangerous stereotypes--a straw man "right-wing fanatic" Senator vs. a white knight homosexual and a really naive teenage "Christian" Steve. At one point Steve is quoting the Bible (my favorite verse Galatians 3:28) saying we are all one in Jesus Christ, but I feel a lot of people are not going to analyze that statement. I respond with a question, "What does it mean to be in Christ?" Answer: a relationship in which you surrender your life including your sin--sins outlined in the Bible--to the living God. There are many who are not in Christ--hence the Universal message is defeated by real Christian Theology. If faith driven consumers with their passion don't stand up and really hold the producers and etc. to their claims that they want a debate we are just done for on every front when it comes to culture.

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