Abortion drug offered in college campus vending machines


Mar 19, 2012 3:40 PM

Imagine going to the vending machine to get a quick snack such as chips or a drink. What if one of your options was to buy Plan B, the “morning-after pill”?

This week, the debate over government-funded contraception has grown more intense.  Conservative talk-show host,Rush Limbaugh, is seeing advertisers pulling advertisements from his show for controversial comments about a Georgetown University law student.

“The [student] testified at a congressional hearing in favor of an Obama administration mandate that employee health plans include free contraceptive coverage. While religious institutions are exempt, their affiliates, such as hospitals and universities, were at first included in the requirement.”

In the midst of the debate over free contraceptive coverage, a university in Pennsylvania is providing the Plan B pill in vending machines. The Associated Press said the “contraceptive has been available in the machine at the health center at Shippensburg University for two years now, but word is just getting out now.”

Students who want the pill have to feed $25 into the vending machine; other contraceptives such as condoms are available in the machine.  It even offers pregnancy tests.

student at Shippensburg said about the machine, “’I think it’s great the school is giving us this option. I’ve heard some kids say they’d be too embarrassed to go into town. ‘”

While our country still faces major decisions over the Obama Health Care mandate, as Faith Driven Consumers we have to consider the implications of birth control becoming a “free” prescription:
•    It gives young people the idea that sex can be promiscuous, “safe”, and does not need to be saved for marriage.
•    It means that the tax-payer dollars of Christian Americans would be going to practices they oppose.

As Faith Driven Consumers, we need to speak out about our convictions. Whether we show this by voting for politicians who share our beliefs or supporting companies, like Walmart, that are not providing pills like Plan B, we need to show the marketplace what we believe about this situation.

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