About Us

Who are Faith Driven Consumers?

Faith Driven Consumers are Christians who bring glory to God by proactively living out our faith in every aspect of our lives, including where we work, where we shop, what we buy, and the entertainment choices we make.

Are you a Faith Driven Consumer?
Do I seek to honor God with whole-life stewardship of my time, talents and treasure…including in the marketplace and workplace?

If the answer to this question is yes, then you've found a home. Join our community and learn how to raise your voice and use your resources to support God's Kingdom.


Video about Faith Driven Consumer:

What do we do?
Faith Driven Consumers build the Kingdom of God on earth. How? With our purchasing power. We all buy things every day, and our dollars go to build something. Faith Driven Consumers use our dollars to support companies that respect and value our biblically based worldview.

Why do we do it?
There is power in numbers. Faith Driven Consumers represent more than 41 million adults in the US alone, with the spending power of $2 trillion dollars annually. We feel that we have different needs than other consumers, and we want to use our time, treasure and talent to honor the Lord.

Faith Driven Consumers believe our economic power can reward businesses that respond to our needs, and encourage brands to become better at it-coming together to create a positive impact on our country's culture and elevating the name of Christ.

Why haven't I heard of Faith Driven Consumers before?
It's hard to believe, but this economically powerful and untapped consumer segment is, and continues to be, largely overlooked by both businesses and employers. That's partially because Faith Driven Consumers have been unorganized, lacking a common, unified identity.

This is unfortunate, as many segments of the population-with far fewer individuals, and much less economic power-have been organized for years and proactively promote their causes.
In the rainbow of diversity that makes up the marketplace, Faith Driven Consumers find themselves and their values less welcomed than many of these other groups.

So how do we change the status quo?
The Faith Driven Consumer organization is already transforming the dynamic. Not only are we are awakening and uniting these 41 million adults, we are also encouraging brands and workplaces to appreciate the Faith Driven Consumer and identify with our needs.

We have also established the Faith Equality Index (FEI), which measures the faith compatibility of brands and scores businesses and employers nationwide to determine which ones are most welcoming to Faith Driven Consumers. Using the FEI as an educational tool, Faith Driven Consumers can reward brands by doing business with companies that welcome us and support our biblical values.

How can I actively participate as a Faith Driven Consumer?
Join our community, unite with other Faith Driven Consumers, and use your spending power to affect positive change in both the workplace and the marketplace. It's how we will ensure that Faith Driven Consumers like you are included in America's rainbow of diversity-all while elevating the name of Jesus in our culture.

Within this community, you'll find:

  • Information resources for making more faith-conscious consumer decisions
  • Encouragement to companies to meet the unique needs of Faith Driven Consumers
  • A national voice that will support our under-represented interests


If you seek to steward the resources you've been entrusted in ways that create a more faith-compatible marketplace, join the Faith Driven Consumer community today. It all starts with you!

"Honor the LORD with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops; then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine."

--Proverbs 3:9-10