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  • Looks fantastic
  • Anyone know who sings that song or know the name of it.
  • My brother ,many of us are black and don’t look black. Myself included. That being said , I think its about time that we see more movies that include God instead of crime related movies. Since the past the world seems to be searching for the answer. But they have always had the answer. Follow the teachings of God and his messengers.
  • the trailer has my attention. One of the first Jesus movie I’ve seen that has people from Africa included in this film. The accuracy of this trailer is exciting to me because of the accuracy in the race issue of the Bible . The bigger question is why this kind of accuracy wasn’t included in till now.
  • Coming to NBC this Easter is A.D. the continuation of the story of Jesus after he was hung on the cross. Any and all true believers need to be prepared and if we are still here on earth we need to watch this. Please like and share with all of your friends and contacts. May God be with you all and blessings abound as the righteous arise and lift up His name as those before us have done.
  • Looking forward to seeing this…looks awesome!
  • looks like an amazing movies i can hardly wait for it to come out
  • Wow! What a legacy the early Christians left for us- Oh Lord let us continue Your work until You return! Give us Boldness to speak truth even in the face of persecution and death- for Your Glory Lord- :) #ShoutPraise
  • Definitely looking forward to watching this.
  • Looks good to me