It’s time for a #ChristmasBUYcott!

As Faith Driven Consumers, we will spend an incredible $30 billion over the holidays. Because major brands depend on our dollars to meet their goals for the year, collectively we have tremendous power and influence. When consumers like you and me agree to shop only with the companies that are more compatible with Faith Driven Consumers, we’ll change the way brands treat us.

That’s why—right now—we’re calling for a #ChristmasBUYcott! This is your chance to live out your faith by doing what you already do when it comes to Christmas shopping—only this year choosing to do it with the most faith-compatible companies.

Join us for a #ChristmasBUYcott as you do your Christmas shopping this year! Participating in the #ChristmasBUYcott is easy—and fun! By following the 4 easy steps below, you will not only make a positive impact in the marketplace but also earn Faith Driven Consumer (FDC) Plus Points on the community leaderboard which can be redeemed for prizes and giveaways.

  • Ways to get Plus Points:
  • +25pp sign a petition
  • +25pp signup to volunteer

Step 1 – Sign the Petition

Sign this petition asking major brands who have not prioritized you as a Faith Driven Consumer to welcome you and your fellow 41 million Faith Driven Consumers into their diversity and inclusion efforts on equal footing with the other groups that they embrace and celebrate. Based on the Faith Equality Index company ratings, while brands claim distinction in their diversity and inclusion efforts, they have not yet made Faith Driven Consumers equal. Let them know you've joined the #ChristmasBUYcott!

Click here to read the full petition.

GOAL: 2,500 signatures

  • +2pp every tweet or retweet
  • +2pp every post like
  • +2pp every website comment

Step 2 – Contact Your Favorite Brands

Now, reach out directly to the companies below that score as “best in category” against their competitors on the Faith Equality Index. Let them know that you are shopping your faith this Christmas and participating in the #ChristmasBUYcott—directing your hard-earned dollars to brands that are more faith compatible than their competitors. Click on each logo to read their FEI scorecards, then tweet and send a Facebook message to spread some Christmas cheer and thank them for their strong showing on the FEI. Earn FDC Plus Points for every action you take!

  • +50pp recruit someone
  • +5pp recruit signs petition
  • +1pp recruit likes, tweets, retweets, or comments

Step 3 – Recruit Your Family and Friends

Faith Driven Consumer is a national movement dedicated to positively impacting the marketplace for Christ. Take a moment to think through which of your like-minded family and friends are also interested in making wise stewardship decisions with their hard-earned dollars, matching their wallets to their worldview. Then, use the link below to invite them to join our movement. It’s easy to share the recruiter link on social media sites, and for each recruit that signs up and takes action, you will earn FDC Plus Points!

Non Tracking Link

  • +5pp like our Facebook page
  • +5pp follow us on Twitter

Step 4 – Compete in the Leaderboard

Part of the fun of being in the Faith Driven Consumer community is the opportunity to compete in the various leaderboards and become a top point earner. The more FDC Plus Points you earn by taking action reaching out to brands and recruiting family and friends, the more opportunities you have to win giveaway prizes and redeem points for rewards. Check out the leaderboard here and see where you stand!

Top 10 Most Earned Fdc Plus Points (This month)

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+759pp earned fdc plus points
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+382pp earned fdc plus points
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+183pp earned fdc plus points
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+60pp earned fdc plus points
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+40pp earned fdc plus points
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