#AddUsIn Petition to Corporate America

Dear Corporate Leader,

One of America’s greatest strengths is its diversity.  And in an American marketplace that celebrates diversity and inclusion, Faith Driven Consumer’s ground-breaking new Faith Equality Index™ offers your brand the unprecedented opportunity to add Faith Driven Consumers as the next color in your rainbow.  Faith Driven Consumers are a two trillion dollar market segment comprised of 41 million Americans—17% of the U.S. adult population.   

At this point we know that your brand has not specifically prioritized a relationship with Faith Driven Consumers as most companies have done with other specified communities.  As a Faith Driven Consumer, I am asking your brand to #AddUsIn—demonstrate your commitment to full application of equality and inclusion by welcoming and celebrating me and my community on equal footing with the other groups you acknowledge and embrace.

By signing this petition, I am joining a national movement of Faith Driven Consumers who have pledged to support brands that score better than their competitors on the Faith Equality Index. Together, we are asking your brand to take specific, public, ongoing steps to welcome Faith Driven Consumers into your rainbow of diversity and improve your company’s Faith Equality Index score.  

While other indexes help consumers understand how brands rate with the Hispanic, African-American, LGBT, disabled, and other communities, the Faith Equality Index is the first resource focused on representing my values—those of the underserved Faith Driven Consumer market. 

I ask that your brand publicly acknowledge Faith Driven Consumers—state that we are welcome and take public steps to engage our community on par with your other valued and respected communities.  I look forward to the day when your brand is recognized as one of the “Best Places to Shop and Work for Faith Equality and Inclusion.” And I pledge to demonstrate my appreciation by supporting brands that achieve this distinction.


A Faith Driven Consumer 

Who's signing

Jorge Acosta
Mark Larsen
Mrs Dianne Mulkey
Alice Steigerwald
Hendrik Thiart
marlene wolfe
Mary Cooper
GOAL: 2,500 signatures

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