Another Real-Life Case of ‘GOD’S NOT DEAD 2’?


News sources are reporting that a Tennessee, teacher has been fired for showing prominent Christian pastor Rick Warren’s TED Talk on “A Life of Purpose” to her class.

In a case echoing the storyline of 2016 film, GOD’S NOT DEAD 2, Colliersville teacher Mary Simms was fired after school officials received a single complaint about the TED Talk—with no hearing or even discussion.

"Today's society is pretty conditioned to have the equivalent of an allergic reaction whenever Christianity is so much as mentioned," said Simms’ attorney, Tony Mangini.  And by not allowing students to hear Warren’s viewpoint—simply because he’s a pastor and mentions God—a line has been crossed, said attorney Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute. “And this school district should be held accountable.”    

Operating under the slogan, “Ideas Worth Spreading,” TED is an annual global conference that began in 1990. While the 18-minute talks initially focused on technology and design, in recent years they have expanded to include many scientific, cultural, and academic topics. 

With more than 2.6 million views to date, Warren’s 2006 TED Talk wrestles with life’s Big Questions—“Why am I here, what am I here for, and where am I going?" Says Warren, "These are not religious issues. They're human issues." 

As more cases of viewpoint discrimination against Bible-believing Christians occur in our nation’s publicly funded schools and the marketplace, the time has come for Faith Driven Consumers to come together and say “enough is enough.”  

If you haven’t already done so, join the #GodsNotDead2Us campaign today and add your voice to our Faith Driven Consumer movement that is working to achieve marketplace and workplace equality for 41 million consumers who spend $2 trillion annually.

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