Are You Ready To Be A Missionary In The Marketplace?


Oct 28, 2015 4:09 PM

#AddUsIn Campaign Asks Brands to Welcome Faith Driven Consumers into the Rainbow of Diversity 

Did you know that we spend the overwhelming majority of our time engaging with the marketplace in some way? From the meals we eat, the clothes we wear, and the entertainment we consume to the places we work, play and learn, nearly everything we do is driven by a choice made in the marketplace.  

Together, these choices present your best stewardship opportunity as a Faith Driven Consumer. Engage in the marketplace—where you already come together with others to buy and sell the goods and services that enrich our lives. Impact our culture simply by choosing where you shop and what you buy. Become a missionary in the marketplace—a light that reflects God’s mission.

Recently, we launched an exciting, ongoing new initiative to positively engage major brands as Faith Driven Consumers. It’s called the #AddUsIn campaign, and we are asking you to join us as we continue to roll out our ground-breaking Faith Equality Index (FEI), which scores companies on a 100-point faith-compatibility scale. We know that the FEI is something that Faith Driven Consumers like you are looking for to make more informed spending decisions in the marketplace.

We also know that asking brands to welcome us into America’s rainbow of diversity on equal footing with other groups may make some uncomfortable. A natural response may be to retreat to a place of comfort and safety for ourselves and our families. In the marketplace, this may include calls to boycott companies that take unbiblical positions.

However, in addition to the fact that boycotts rarely produce the intended goal of convincing companies to change their positions, what happens on a practical level when the cultural sea-change away from the biblical worldview is so great that there are very few companies left to patronize?

The Bible teaches that every choice matters—calling us to be good stewards of our time, talent and treasure. But how can we as Faith Driven Consumers share Christ-like love in a marketplace that increasingly reflects a wide range of values—some hostile to Christianity—in our pluralistic culture.

What would Jesus do?

In our work with brands on behalf of the Faith Driven Consumer community, we often hear from corporate leaders who tell us that they are eager to welcome Faith Driven Consumers into the rainbow of diversity, yet see the word “Christian” as synonymous with “angry.” Is this how the Bible calls us to be known by the world? Or are we called to be known for our love for one another and even those who oppose us?

Romans 5:8 teaches that Jesus did not boycott us when we were dead in our sins. Rather, He engaged us with accountable love and fellowship—to the point of dying on the cross on our behalf for our sins so that all who believe in Him are reconciled back to God and enjoy eternal life. It is this self-sacrificing agape love—an action verb—that calls us to go as missionaries to places that are seemingly unsafe and uncomfortable and carry out our purpose to share the light of Jesus to a dark and confused world.

What is your purpose in life? Are you ready and willing to be the Holy Spirit’s tool to influence others for Christ in the marketplace? Will you love people and brands right where they are—as Jesus loved us—and let go of fear, knowing that our citizenship is in heaven, that this world is not our home, and that the victory is already won?

Stay tuned for ongoing updates about the Faith Equality Index and the #AddUsIn campaign. Meanwhile, let’s pray and prepare our hearts to come together as Faith Driven Consumers to approach brands not with a spirit of anger and boycott, but rather one of Christ-like love and grace as missionaries in the marketplace where we spend the vast majority of our time on this Earth.

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