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When you walk into a store, many brands scream your name in hopes you will purchase that specific product. These brands have successfully reached you as the consumer by honing in on your likes, preferences and wants.

Or have they? The study “How Values and Beliefs Influence Consumers” conducted by Faith Driven Consumer in 2009 found that 28 percent of consumers’ values and beliefs are not being respected by most companies.

These beliefs include a variety of worldviews, including Christians. As Christians, we are called to make choices with a different mindset. We are just like all consumers in many ways, but are set apart because of our Biblical worldview. This might explain why some feel their beliefs and values are not respected by everyday companies, as most cater to a secular audience.

The study also found that 49 percent of all U.S. adults “specifically shopped in a store or retailer because they know it provides products and services that are consistent with their values and beliefs.”

Take Chick-Fil-A for instance. When people choose to dine at this family-friendly restaurant, they may know that their experience may include hearing Christianmusic in the background, having a family-fun night with activities for their children, as well as other activities. Perhaps this is why Christians choose to eat there rather than another chain restaurant.

Your beliefs and values effect many aspects of your life, more than you may think. Nearly half of the consumers in the study (46 percent) strongly agreed that their belief system has an effect on what they read, watch and listen to.Forty-four percent agreed that it is important to strongly express their moral views in order to influence the direction of the community.

So how do we influence the marketplace with our worldview?

It is all about making incremental change. If we make small alterations in our consumer lives by shopping at companies that support the things we choose to support according to our values, the marketplace can strongly be impacted over time.

Where does your worldview or faith fit in when choosing what you buy? What will you do about this? Join with Faith Driven Consumer as we commit to making purposeful choices in our consumer lives.

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