Benham Brothers Thank Faith Driven Consumers for Their Support


Benham Brothers Thank Faith Driven Consumers for Their Support

Church called to a boldness flowing from repentance

It’s been a roller coaster ride for David and Jason Benham the last 10 days. 

First it was HGVT that unceremoniously dumped the Christian twin brothers from their slated Fall 2014 home remodeling show, Flip It Forward – apparently due to their expressed Bible-based faith convictions.  In response, Faith Driven Consumer launched our Flip This Decision campaign calling for their reinstatement to the show – garnering nationwide media attention and amassing nearly 20,000 petition signatures.

Then, it was SunTrust Banks that dropped the Benhams as a preferred real estate management and sales vendor for its bank-owned properties – again, apparently due to the brother’s Christian beliefs and worldview. In response, Faith Driven Consumers nationwide once again raised our collective voices to say that this blatant example of discrimination against two godly men who hold to the biblical view on life and marriage is unacceptable in a country founded on religious liberty and freedom of speech.

While HGTV has yet to reinstate Flip It Forward, SunTrust heard from Faith Driven Consumers and flipped its decision against the Benhams. 

Check out this video from David and Jason expressing thanks to those who stood up for them in boldness – and also calling the church to repentance, humility and love as we speak God’s truth in the public square.

Clearly, the Benhams are the real deal. David notes, "There's a fracture in our nation, and religious liberty and freedom to think and freedom to express our beliefs right now is fractured."  And Jason shares that boldness apart from repentance makes a bully--on BOTH sides of the political debate.

If we Faith Driven Consumers desire to be bold like lions and transform our culture for Christ, it all starts with an individual and collective repentance leads to humility, which leads to love, which leads to boldness – the natural outpouring of repentance.

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