Benhams Help Put Veteran’s Family in Free Home


What’s NOT for HGTV to like?

Faith without works is dead. And this biblical message from the second chapter of James is something David and Jason Benham take seriously as they steward their businesses in alignment with their Christian faith and worldview.

As part of their relationship with Bank of America and its Nehemiah Community partner, the Benhams are privileged to serve veterans through a program that refurbishes foreclosed properties and then sells them to their military families at a discounted rate.

Check out the heartwarming story of a World War II veteran’s widow in Charlotte, North Carolina, who recently benefitted from this faith-in-action program here:

What’s not mentioned in this story is the Benhams’ role in preparing the house for sale and coordinating all the construction. Here, they handled everything on the house in terms of renovation and getting it ready to be given away. And they decided what repairs needed to be done and how it should look – definitely in their sweet spot as faith-driven entrepreneurs.

However, for HGTV, which recently cancelled the Benhams’ upcoming show, Flip It Forward, because of their publicly expressed their Bible-based beliefs, it appears that faith without politically correct words is offensive. 

Join with Faith Driven Consumers across America today and sign the petition asking HGTV to reinstate Flip It Forward and welcome a faith-compatible viewpoint into its programming. 

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