Book Review: Why Not Same-Sex Marriage


101 Arguments for Defending Natural Marriage

Many biblically orthodox Christians feel that America is drifting hopelessly from God and that the Christian worldview has lost the battle for the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens in the marketplace of goods, services and ideas.  

Perhaps nothing more clearly crystallizes this for many than the breathtaking deconstruction of the institution of marriage in the span of just a few short years at the hands of gay activists and their allies.  For many Faith Driven Consumers, this sea change in acceptance of same-sex marriage—and its imposition upon the culture largely by judicial fiat—is concerning and perhaps even bewildering.  

Recently, the floodgates for the legalization of same-sex marriage were opened wide when the United States Supreme Court declined to hear appeals from five states facing lower-court rulings that overturned voter-approved constitutional amendments defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Now, same-sex marriage has expanded to 32 states and the District of Columbia—and counting—while the duly expressed will of the voters in 31 states has been turned upside down. 

While this situation may appear bleak to those who hold to a biblical understanding of God’s created intent for sex, marriage and family, now more than ever Faith Driven Consumers have an opportunity to lovingly and winsomely defend natural marriage to our co-workers, neighbors, friends and family members.  

But how can Christians equip themselves to engage with those in our spheres of influence in a politically correct era when media, entertainment, government and academic elites march in lock-step promoting the redefinition of marriage to an increasingly secular culture that rejects biblical teaching?

Fortunately – and just in the nick of time—Daniel Heimbach offers a manual for defending natural marriage in his latest book, Why Not Same-Sex Marriage.  As a Senior Professor of Christian Ethics at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Heimbach is well-versed in philosophy and shows readers how to defend natural marriage soundly without sole reliance on biblical arguments. Here, Why Not Same-Sex Marriage makes a strong, convincing case for the social necessity of maintaining the nature, meaning and structure of civil marriage as one based on a heterosexual binary paradigm.

As an easy-to-read “how-to” manual for defending marriage, Why Not Same-Sex Marriage offers 101 refutations to arguments supporting same-sex marriage—helpfully indexed and organized by categories, including the nature of marriage, children and families, justice and rights, reason and philosophy, society and social order, history and tradition, constitutional law, government and religion, science and research, morality and ethics, and God and theology. Comprehensive in scope and meticulously well-researched, Heimbach’s work includes detailed references and supplemental reading for all 101 arguments presented.

Throughout Why Not Same-Sex Marriage, Heimbach—in both truth and love—graciously disarms arguments for same-sex marriage with penetrating logic. He powerfully makes the case that same-sex marriage destroys marriage as a social institution by deconstructing it into nothing more than an affirmation of personal desires. In doing so, Heimbach shows that natural marriage is in the public interest because it favors and protects the procreational structure of marriage, which is crucial to ensuring the survival and stability of all societies.

In support of his arguments, he cites a wide array of prominent social research, including British anthropologist J.D. Unwin’s study proving that the strength and endurance of a society over time is dependent on the preservation of natural marriage. Heimbach also notes that Scandinavia’s approval of same-sex marriage has led to a decreased marriage rate and a dramatic increase in out-of-wedlock births.

As Faith Driven Consumers committed to good stewardship of the time, talent and treasure entrusted to us by God, we are called to honor the sacred institution of marriage and boldly defend it from radical deconstruction.  

While the legalization of same-sex marriage in America is troubling and perhaps even disheartening to many, there has never been a better time to equip ourselves with arguments supporting natural marriage.  Why Not Same-Sex Marriage is an indispensable tool that will enable us to confidently engage with those in our spheres of influence and, one by one, begin to turn the tide of public opinion. 

Why Not Same-Sex Marriage is available at Amazon by clicking here.

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