Boy Scouts Vote to Change Policy and Allow Openly Gay Members


What can Faith Driven Consumers learn from this cultural battle? 

Following months of impassioned debate involving internal stakeholders and external activists, the Boy Scouts of America voted yesterday at its national convention to change its long-standing policy on sexual orientation and allow openly gay scouts while maintaining a ban on gay leaders.

Back in February when a previous attempt by the national staff to change the policy was met with vocal opposition among rank-and-file local scouts, leaders and parents, many saw the move to postpone any decision until the national convention as an indication of a shift toward fuller consideration of viewpoints held by its core constituency of church-based troops and Faith Driven Consumers.


However, yesterday’s vote ultimately pleases neither side.  For the gay activist coalition that won the day, it is a half-victory that will only be resolved when openly gay leaders are also accepted, affirmed and celebrated.  For the majority of scouts, leaders and parents who hold to historic and traditional biblical morals on human sexuality, marriage and family – values reflected in the Scout oath – the policy change is a huge disappointment that begs the question of continuing participation in the organization or leaving to form a more faith-compatible scouting group.

While it’s tempting for Faith Driven Consumers to see yesterday’s vote as a battle limited to the specific context of scouting, it can also be seen as a flashpoint in the broader war over the degree to which a biblical worldview is welcomed  in the culture.  Here, there is much for Faith Driven Consumers to reflect upon in the wake of the Boy Scout vote:

  1. Did we do all that we could have done to stand up for God’s created intent for human sexuality, family and marriage in the battle for the heart of the Boy Scouts?  Or could we have stood up sooner, stronger, bolder and firmer?
  2. Are we as God’s ambassadors in the culture ready, willing and able to stand for our biblical worldview in every arena of our lives like the apostles in the Book of Acts and the myriad saints who have gone before us?
  3. Are we willing to winsomely and effectively engage every arena of the culture to shine the light of God’s truth into an increasingly dark world, or will we choose to retreat into the safety of our holy huddles?

As Faith Driven Consumers, we are called to prayerfully discern where and how God is calling us to stand in the culture and steward the resources entrusted to us in ways that glorify Him.  Like those committed Christians who fought hard in the battle of the Boy Scouts, are you willing to go to the mat for your biblical worldview and values?

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