Broncos player Tim Tebow displays Faith on the Football Field


Broncos football player, Tim Tebow, has been in the spotlight recently as videos of his praying after touchdowns have gone viral on the web. Tebow has stated that whenever he scores a touchdown, he wants to thank God for the moment by getting down on his knees and praying.

People have been mocking Tebow for his public display of his faith by calling his prayers “Tebowing.” Fortunately, Tebow has not allowed these comments to get the best of him and he continues to praise God in public.

As Christians, it is not news that we are sometimes not well-liked in the public eye. We are often portrayed as hypocrites and bigots in the media, and many of us have become silent out of fear of persecution.

America has always been a place of religious freedom. Our Founding Fathers built this country on their biblical values. Christians maintained a vocal majority of the population for our early history, but this has changed as those who promoted their version of “religious freedom” have redefined the debate.

Faith Driven Consumers need to see Tebow’s faithfulness as a call to action for Christians. We have been complacent in our faith for too long, and often we let the world silence us for fear of persecution. God has not called us to fear, but to declare His name in confidence.

2 Timothy 1:7 says “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”

Perhaps as Christians, we should be more like Tebow in our everyday lives and show others that we love God and will not be deterred by their criticism. If Faith Driven Consumers were to do this in the marketplace, it would be different. We need to be public in our faith. We need to be confident that God will be faithful always.

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