Burger King's "Proud Whopper" Caters to Gay Market


Faith Driven Consumer

Will it also welcome Faith Driven Consumers?   

This week Burger King unveiled its "Proud Whopper" to celebrate its homosexual, bisexual and transgender customers and make the statement that “we are all the same inside.”  According to USA Today, all proceeds from sale of the “Proud Whopper” will be donated to the Burger King McLamore Foundation for scholarships benefiting LGBT high school seniors graduating in spring 2015.

Fernando Machado, senior vice president of global brand management, said this targeted application of the company’s new “Be Your Way” slogan “showcases who we are as a brand…It shows how we, as a brand, believe in self-expression.”

While Faith Driven Consumer recognizes Burger King's freedom to make corporate decisions welcoming targeted consumer groups, we wonder if Burger King will similarly include the Faith Driven Consumer community in its marketing plans and welcome us in some special way?

Other questions are also raised by the “Proud Whopper” campaign:  Does Burger King’s belief in “self-expression” apply to faith-driven Christians as well?  If we are “all the same inside” as Burger King says, are Faith Driven Consumers included in the company’s rainbow of diversity like gay- and transgender-identified people are?  And when it comes to scholarships for high school seniors, is the fast-food restaurant chain similarly willing to donate 100% of the proceeds from a faith-compatible product to Christian students?

After all, the Faith Driven Consumer community is five times as large as the LGBT community and spends 3.5 times more annually.

What do you think? Does Burger King's "Proud Whopper" campaign make you want to spend money there?  Do you as a Faith Driven Consumer feel welcomed in its restaurants?

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  • I grew up on whopper jr’s, but the last one I had was, evidently the last. If you can’t cater to all, then you should just leave it alone. If I feel rejected, because of my out personal thoughts, then I have no need to be there.
    My local BK, year or so ago, had a really nice guy as the mgr., but since then they replaced him with a lesbian with an attitude of ’I’m oppressed so it’s okay for me to act this way!’
    So Burger King, if you’re wondering where my money went, it’s across the street at Chick-Fil-A
  • I stopped buying at Burger King months ago because of the health concerns in our local restaurant. Now I am glad I did. No way will I go back! Think I will just keep having Chick Fil A for fast food!
  • Absolutely not
  • I will not be going there and that’s sad for me because I love their burgers ! I’m also tired of having the LGBT agenda constantly pushed in my face!!!! What about my Christian values? If I want to put it out there like they do then I’m an ignorant bigot.
  • I no longer will eat at BK.