Christian Celebrities in Mainstream Media


By Adaline Haseltine

Going to the movie theater or watching T.V. can be stressful for many Christians. In one sitting we may see pre-marital sex, drug and alcohol abuse, adultery, and so much more. Even “G” or “PG” rated movies can be questionable—especially now that using the Lord’s name in vain is typical and accepted.

Thankfully, some Christians saw a need for more wholesome movies and filled that need. We now have movies like “Fireproof,” “Courageous,” “Soul Surfer” and “October Baby” that address the difficult issues of life in a Biblical way. And while the movies are great and the actors in them are Christians, there is still a need for young, Christian role models in mainstream media.

Recently, several young celebrities have acknowledged their faith to their fans. Celebrities including Justin Bieberthe Jonas Brothers, and Selena Gomez have all called themselves Christians. But what happens when they do something that doesn’t align with the values of Christians?

Justin Bieber has been accused of being the father of a child out of wedlock. Because of the scandal, his evangelical followers have “accused [Bieber] of cherry picking which tenants of Christianity to integrate into his life. The singer told Rolling Stone magazine in a controversial February interview that he wasn’t exactly holding out till marriage.”

Selena Gomez is receiving criticism for appearing on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. The 19-year-old’s cover shoot is criticized because people believe “it encourages girls to have sex at an early age…Gomez’s cover photo may even be more influential to cause this type of impact among young girls in that Gomez has a large pool of younger fans due to her Disney channel career.”

Unfortunately, these Christian celebrities have given in to a worldly lifestyle and the children who followed them stars no longer have a wholesome role model to look up to.

As Faith Driven Consumers, we can do something about this. We can start going to movies, watching television shows, and buying music that supports our belief system. If we create a high demand for media that supports our values, companies will listen. By doing this, we can create a marketplace environment that will help Christian celebrities thrive in their faith and their careers.

Use our ‘Entertainment Guide’ found under our ‘Resources’ tab to find wholesome television from the Parents Television Council and movies from Movie Guide and Plugged In.

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