Comments would be nice

I just agreed with a statement that was written with strongly biased language. This is not entirely "bad", but I would have appreciated the opportunity to comment as well. I do agree that the Noah movie should not infer that Noah was crazy or that he was driven by environmental concern rather than God's choice to flood the earth to judge the sin of men, HOWEVER: I also feel that I should be able to respond to survey questions that are more well written, or comment to clarify my response. I am assuming that everything the preview groups had to say about the Noah movie is accurate. After all, I haven't had the opportunity to see it for myself yet. I also think that as faith based consumers, we need to think for ourselves. Any sincere attempt by Hollywood to provide more elevated, even Biblically based entertainment, should be encouraged, not decimated. The fact is, movies, along with any creative expression are going to reflect the heart of the person creating it. If they are not Christian, I think it is unreasonable to expect the entertainment they produce to reflect truly Judeo-Christian viewpoints without any variance. I think we need to be careful not to be overly negative. After all, this is a means of entertainment, not a theology or believers class at church. Isn't is good that at least the attempt is being made, opening avenues for discussion among both believers and non-believers. Perhaps the "controversy" over the movie will inspire a few who have never read Noah's account in the Bible to read it for themselves for the first time ever, to discover the differences? I would hate to see Christians avoiding the movie just because a few previewed audiences had a problem with portions of the movie. Maybe I will have the same issues, but at least it will open a door to discuss topics with non-christian friends that would not have been there without this movie.Maybe if we view the movie as it actually is, a fictional depiction loosely based on the non-fictional Noah, not as a historical account, we will find it a useful tool. If we really need Hollywood to express the exact heart, meaning, and theology in order to consume the product, I think we will be abstaining from movies entirely until our Lord's return.