Consumer Spending in America


Ever thought about what you spend most of your money on each year? For many Americans, the answer is probably yes. But considering the effects of your purchases is most likely a different answer.
The U.S. Department of Labor conducted a survey asking Americans how they spend their paycheck throughout the year:
  • Housing: 34.1 %
  • Transportation: 17.6 %
  • Food: 12.4%
  • Insurance, Pensions: 10.8 %
  • Utilities, fuels, public services: 7%
  • Healthcare: 5.7%
  • Entertainment: 5.4%

All of the purchases we make affect the marketplace. We buy houses through certain retail companies, buy fuel from a gas station, buy food from a specific grocery store and go to the movie theater to see a movie on any given Friday night.

But, what happens when the companies we buy from support things contrary to what God has called us to value?

Modern day companies are primarily concerned with the customer–they seek to please and accommodate to the needs and wants of the customer. Many Christians do not know the companies they buy from everyday give to charities and organizations that should grieve the heart of a Christian.

Faith Driven Consumer strives to be an online gathering point and an information resource for making faith-conscious decisions. We provide a company reviews tool to allow you to do this. These company reviews are seen through a Biblical lens to give Christian consumers the chance to see what their favorite companies are supporting. Through these Christian consumer, we are able to let companies know how they can improve to be more faith-friendly.

If Americans are spending all of their money in the marketplace and companies aim to please the consumer, we need to make sure our voice is heard and our values are respected by companies.

We know that no company is perfect, but as Faith Driven Consumers, we want companies to engage the Christian consumer based upon their needs, wants and preferences just like they do for consumers with other worldviews.

By doing this, we hope Christians can feel comfortable spending their money in the marketplace, knowing it will not compromise their morals.


Graphic from the Department of Labor

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