An Open Letter to Hollywood

Faith Driven Consumer: An Open Letter to Hollywood 

Founder Chris Stone on Noah, Biblical Films, and Faith Driven Consumers

Dear Hollywood,

Paramount’s upcoming Noah movie has sparked a national conversation on Bible-themed movies and the audiences they seek to attract. People of faith generally, and Faith Driven Consumers specifically, are the core audience for Noah and other films in this genre as Hollywood’s Year of the Bible Movie gears up. 

As such, our community is deeply engaged on this topic. 

Faith Driven Consumer represents a movement of people whose Biblically-based worldview is at the very center of their lives; people who view every consumer purchase as an opportunity to do business with faith-compatible companies that respect their worldview and actively engage them in the marketplace.

We advocate for 46 million of these consumers, who spend $1.75 trillion annually. 

To be clear, Faith Driven Consumer does not have any financial connections to the Noah film; we do not stand to benefit in any way from the expressed views of our community.

However, we remain profoundly invested in advocating for entertainment choices that appeal to Faith Driven Consumers, and are eagerly anticipating numerous Bible-themed offerings this year.

It is precisely because filmmakers are marketing a series of movies to our audience that the conversation over Noah serves as a great opportunity for our communities to get to know and understand each other better.

Our research reveals Faith Driven Consumers are a distinct and differentiated subset of the broader Christian market – comprising 15% of the American population, or 46 million people. Like other market segments, they respond to messages that specifically resonate with them in the marketplace of goods, services and ideas.     

And like any consumer who is considering seeing a movie – obviously doing so without the benefit of having viewed it – Faith Driven Consumers engage in a decision making process. They read the reviews, follow media reports, watch the trailers, and talk to the people they know.

Because we serve as a consumer resource, we gathered exactly this kind of data for our community. We aggregated reviews on Noah and included links to two significant articles from The Hollywood Reporter, providing exhaustive background on the movie. We then asked our community – people who are keenly aware they are members of the target market – if they would like to voice their opinions and provide candid feedback.

Extensive and detailed reporting over six months, information provided to us by insiders in the film industry, and feedback from those who participated in test screenings of Noah, informs us that the film, as currently configured, deviates from the core Biblical message and replaces it with a modernistic, revisionist one.

On our website you can find the specific context provided and the question we asked: As a Faith Driven Consumer, are you satisfied with a Biblically-themed move – designed to appeal to you – which replaces the Bible’s core message with one created by Hollywood?

Faith Driven Consumers responded enthusiastically as a group to the question of whether or not the film, in its current form, is of value to them and whether or not it “satisfied” their needs and desires as an entertainment option.

When it became clear that nearly everyone in the community felt the film would not resonate with them, we knew that we needed to be constructive and help the film industry understand why – at this point – this is the case. Like our organization, Paramount itself sought similar feedback from other Christian test audiences. Some people liked the film, while others expressed the same concerns that Faith Driven Consumers have expressed.

Faith Driven Consumers are hungry for entertainment choices that resonate with them. It is not our intent to separate our community from Hollywood but rather to come together in a way that unites us in a mutually beneficial relationship.  If we don’t share how our community feels, how will Hollywood ever know and be able to respond?

We are asking you – the entertainment industry – to listen, to learn, to engage our group, and to benefit from a deeper relationship with a community that actively seeks to do business with brands that welcome us.  

Here is what you need to know about Faith Driven Consumers: We hold a deep, daily commitment to our faith, and therefore being true to the Bible is vitally important to us. This is the driving factor behind our healthy skepticism over Noah.

The stories in the Bible are the greatest ever told. They have everything that makes a film great – tension, good and evil, love and hate, passion – all building to an exciting and riveting culmination. The Bible is raw and unvarnished; its heroes are complex and deeply flawed.

To Faith Driven Consumers, changing a Biblical story like Noah by superimposing a revisionist message does not make the story more compelling.

In the run up to The Lord of the Rings trilogy or the Harry Potter movies, journalists wrote extensively about the need to remain true to the books and ensure that these films still connected with their core audiences. By respecting these audiences and the stories as told in these novels, these films did resonate and were successful business enterprises.  

We know this can be done with the faith market, because it has been done before.  

The recent History Channel series, The Bible, was enthusiastically received. Its producers, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, publicly embraced people of faith, were eager to respect the Biblical narrative, and connected the History Channel brand with Faith Driven Consumers. This was fundamental to the strong success of the series and bodes well for the soon-to-be released movie project, Son of God

46 million Faith Driven Consumers continue to be positioned to contribute significantly to the bottom line of any brand that chooses to engage us seriously. We will gladly welcome those who seek to build a bridge and welcome us.

We trust this open letter will engender an even wider dialogue on the subject, and that we will be able to move forward – together – to create a successful, lasting relationship between Faith Driven Consumers and entertainment brands.


Chris Stone

Founder, Faith Driven Consumer
Certified Brand Strategist 

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  • Do yourselves a favor, stop your antagonism toward Christians & their faith, it’s good for your bottom line!
  • I recently sent an email and chatted with an on-line representative at where I obtain most of my movies. I complained that there is no category for Religious or Christian movies and you can not find movies by selecting one of the ratings such as G or PG or PG-13. No one from ever took the time to respond to my email and the on-line chat person said they had no authority to add a category like Christian or Religious to the Redbox kiosks. Can this website start a petition to make Redbox add a new category so consumers like myself select religious films or find a movie quickly by only searching for non-rated R movies.
  • Christian movies MUST adhere to the BIBLE or else Christian Viewers will boycott production companies that try to trick Christians by twisting what is said in the BIBLE . Christian movies, not Islamic!
  • I would not recommend the Movie Noah with Russell Crow nor do I recommend The Bible by Roma Downey. Downey is of the new age religion which promotes self & not God. You people need to really do back ground checks on all these people before you recommend movies
  • Mr. Stone,

    Given the nation-wide conversation surrounding the Biblical accuracy of Paramount’s upcoming release Noah, this is a very timely piece that aids to motivate the discussion about the necessity of quality Christian film. As a follower of Jesus Christ and a movie-lover pursuing a career in production, I am very passionate about the presented dichotomy in quality between Hollywood and Christian cinema. I do believe that there is a great need for Biblically accurate Christian films, and I consider myself one of the 46 million faith-driven consumers, but I do not believe that this is a change that Hollywood can produce on its own. You cite the Harry Potter Series and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy as examples of films that strayed from their original books. After upset audiences spoke out, writers became more careful to stay true to the original source material, and even added additional movies to accommodate the lengthy novels. I believe that the Bible is different. It is difficult to fully understand one story like the story of Noah without understanding the context of the Old Testament world, and the ultimate birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each story in the Old Testament points back to Christ and needs a deeper understanding than merely reading the story through a few times. As Christians, we have a deeper understanding of the Bible and believe that more is able to be revealed to us as we grow deeper in our faith. Someone without a Christian background will ultimately not be able to provide the kind of material that our community is looking for in a film.

    What we need are more Christians in the industry. We need more Christians to take it upon themselves to see this change happen. The more Christians that respond to their calling to be in the industry, the more changes we will see happen. There are already a handful of Christians that are using their positions for missional purposes. For example, The Bible series that you mentioned was made by a Christian couple, a couple that feels they have ben transformed by their faith and wants to share that faith with the world. That is a big reason why the series was so well received by the Christian community because of its Biblical accuracy. The series was produced by a couple that would fall into this faith-driven consumer category. If we aren’t feeling called to jump into this industry on our own, there is still a lot that we can do to support this mission. There are several ministries for Christians in the entertainment industry that we can help support. Rather than simply sitting back and hoping that Hollywood will change, we need to do what we can to empower our fellow brothers and sisters who are fighting the good fight in the industry. We can turn to companies like Focus on the Family, MPower Pictures, and Arbella Studios to provide our financial and our moral support. The change we seek needs to happen from the inside out. From each and every one of us, and I am excited to see that happen.


  • I know, and thank you
  • Thank you Debra :) truly none was intended. :)
  • No offense taken Kathleen. :)
  • Kathleen, DEBRA, RICHARD, Alex…….Why not JUST squash this whole back and forth. I think we ALL who have been reading the “Negative Banter” between Debra & Richard makes it very clear that No One Wants to be the bigger person and just STOP. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but just AGREE to DISAGREE and MOVE ON. Your not going to change the facts, OR the truth of the Gospel, which is the most important factor in this debate. Truly it is very “SIMPLE”…..If you believe in God, and his son Jesus Christ, and you read the Gospel, then if your gonna Talk the Talk, then you need to Walk the Walk, and the arguing between the two of you seems to “Project” you DON’T???? Let it go, you can not change others perceptions, so GET OVER IT ALREADY! Like Kathleen mentioned, I get Emails too when a new comment is made. DO YOU REALLY think the lord likes your Behavior?…….AMEN! Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon
  • Okay, Debra, Richard & Alex, I have quietly said nothing but as I am emailed each time someone speaks on this issue, I have seen things taken out of context and a bit too personally. I judge noone but I feel I must remind everyone, we are on the internet, we cannot see each others facial expressions or hear the inflection in our tone when things are said. it is very very easy to misunderstand another’s intentions or words and take things personally when what is said is just words written (typed, whatever). I, myself, have made this mistake once or twice. I find when on a site that at least most people have the same purpose. it is best to just offer others the benefit of the doubt about their intentions unless they directly & blantantly make an attack. sometimes, if something bothers me about what someone is saying, I find that just admitting I took something a certain way & asking if that is how they meant it will diffuse the situation because I find out that no, my feelings didnt need to be hurt & the other person comes to realize their words did not come out as intended as they would have if actually spoken & not written.

    For example….Richard, I didnt respond to your question myself because I felt unsure by your choice of words, I was concerned that you were just here to rile people up. I did not know this for sure, and did not want to offend, so I thought it best not to speak at all. I wanted (and still am) to just give you the benefit of the doubt. (I apologize if my feeling was wrong..
    I know feelings are not facts.)

    I hope I have not offended anyone, it is not my intention, I hope my words will touch upon everyone’s heart in the future when addressing each other in such a setting as this.
  • @alex, yes I was being condescending, and you are correct that this subject is not grounds for any argument. I think if we had kept responding, it would have only escalated into something horrible. When I said that satan is the father of contention, I meant that he (Satan) loves it when there is fighting and looks for anyway he(Satan) can get in, which is opposite of what kind of spirit should be here. I was getting frustrated because I felt and still feel that my words are being twisted so no matter what I say, Richard feels I am attacking him and saying things that I never said or that he is looking for something negative that I MIGHT mean about him, when in fact it isn’t so, such as I said he follows satan. I never said that or meant that. Alex you understood what I meant so I don’t know why Richard didn’t.
    Some people don’t care if things are changed a little in historical movies but I do. Whether it is Biblical, war, someones life etc. It should be true. Also if someone who knows nothing about the bible such as an atheist and they see it, it should be done right. You never know if that person will be converted to Christianity or thinking we are all a bunch of liars.
    So, I’m sorry that he perceives me as mean, because anyone that knows me will say I am completely the opposite.
    Now to start fresh so I do not continue to come across as holier than thou.
    Debra, walks Richard around to help him get over his shock This is supposed to humorous and not snide
  • Debra, I am simply in shock. First you attack me, then you say I follow Satan. Sheesh, neither of us know what the problem was, I made a guess. You really are quite mean Debra, but God bless you anyway.
  • @ Debra Slater, I think he meant “condescending” because you really portray that in your post…Just saying.

    “so I am done answering you. In the scriptures it states that satan is also “the father of contention”.

    Basically you’re saying that your post (Although sounding condescending) is not grounds for an argument but any response from his “Is”? I’ll pray for you both…God bless.
  • I don’t believe that the scriptures are lame. I meant that out of the 2 verses that you gave as an example, it was surmised that Noah was a violent drunk. In Genesis 6:9 it states what kind of man Noah was. How can you make a presumption about the movie if you have not seen it?
    I did not attack you and if you feel that way, I apologize. I was making a logical presumption as to the content of your response. Uncouth?
    Uncouth: (of a person or their appearance or behavior) lacking good manners, refinement, or grace.
    “he is unwashed, uncouth, and drunk most of the time”
    synonyms: uncivilized, uncultured, uncultivated, unrefined, unpolished, unsophisticated, bush-league, common, plebeian, low, rough, rough-hewn, coarse, loutish, boorish, oafish, troglodyte. I do not feel anything I said to you was uncouth.

    “Again I ask, which Biblical themes have been removed? I have not read, so far, any deviation from what is in the Bible. I read in one of the posts that Noah is portrayed as a drunk (Genesis 9:21) and that Noah, as well as mankind, is portrayed as violent (Genesis 6:5). Otherwise, I simply believe that Chris does not like the movie, writers, or actors, because nobody has told me HOW or WHERE the story is different.”

    I was trying to answer your question. As far as knowing the Will of the Lord, all I know is what the scriptures state. That is what I have gone by in this debate.

    Now, obviously you want to argue and turn this into a “Holy War”, so I am done answering you. In the scriptures it states that satan is also “the father of contention”.
  • Debra, I do not believe any of the Scriptures are lame, and I am sorry that you do.
    I have not seen the movie. Neither have you. I do not know what the real complaint is. Neither do you.
    I made a logical presumption as to the content of the movie. You made a personal attack on me in a very uncouth manner.
    You are presuming to know the Will of the Lord without any theological explanation; I am confused to your post.
  • Richard, the scriptures you use are lame examples. To say that Noah was a drunk is the same thing as saying he was a street bum or an alcoholic. It says that he drank the wine and became drunk, but if you read further there is more to the story. Also the world had become pure wickedness and needed to be destroyed, BUT the Lord did not think Noah was that way otherwise he would not have asked him to build the ark. Also I don’t believe that the Lord would have chosen him if Noah was a drunk, it would be like asking someone to drink and drive. Noah and his family had a huge task ahead of them and in taking care of so many animals till they reached dry land. You may not have removed any biblical themes but you have twisted things and that is deceitful.
    I love biblical movies but if they stray or change things in the bible, the movie loses its credibility and I lose interest.
  • Richard,
  • Again I ask, which Biblical themes have been removed? I have not read, so far, any deviation from what is in the Bible. I read in one of the posts that Noah is portrayed as a drunk (Genesis 9:21) and that Noah, as well as mankind, is portrayed as violent (Genesis 6:5). Otherwise, I simply believe that Chris does not like the movie, writers, or actors, because nobody has told me HOW or WHERE the story is different.
  • GOD BLESS YOU Chris! I do think it is high time that “Hollywood” and the Media start giving films like this the SAME attention as those films that have so much graphic violence, sex, and inappropriate language. I do a LOT of Social Media interacting with many from Hollywood since the release of my book, and I have to tell you, they SAY they are believers and are Christians, but they don’t Walk the Walk when it comes to their PROFITS. Why showcase or spotlight a biblical movie if it doesn’t line the coffers??? IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE and hold them Honest & Accountable…..Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon
  • Well said!
  • Any deviation of truth is a lie.And we know who is father of lies.I’m sure that there are decent people there but Hollywood is rotten inside and out.Their god is mammon. We as a Christians have a duty to underline that any film showing Bible story not true to it purpose is very disrespectful to God.We have commandment to love our enemy.They walking in darkness.Prey for them that Grace of God will let them see.I’m choosing not to see that movie. I hope you do the same, but choice is always yours.