Did You Thank the Duck Dynasty Sponsors?


Leonard Goenaga

Phil is BACK, thanks to you and over 265,000 other Faith Driven Consumers who joined our IStandWithPhil.com campaign last month!

Tonight – as Duck Dynasty kicks off season five – we want to make sure to thank the brave corporate sponsors who stood with Phil.

Now you can thank Under Armour, Skyjacker, Realtree, and Cracker Barrel for standing with Phil and America’s Faith Driven Consumers.

Just by clicking ONE or BOTH of the buttons below you can tweet and email a message of thanks to all four sponsors. Encourage them to continue to stand for true equality and our right to express a Biblical worldview.

Thanks for being a part of the Faith Driven Consumer movement and thanking these four sponsors today.



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  • Think about this please: 1.A&E is a big promoter of the homosexual lifestyle. 2.The Robertson’s are fundamentalist Christians. 3. Their Duck Dynasty show is making immense profits for A&E which A&E’s corporate leaders now use to fund the homosexual agenda even more. 4. Albeit indirectly, aren’t the Robertson’s themselves supporting a life style which as Christians, they claim to abhor? Is that not hypocrisy on the part of the Robertson’s?
  • Thank you for realizing the mistake you would have made and how many viewers you would have lost. There are way worse things shown on TV then a family praying.
  • Thank-you God bless you…..
  • Thank you for saving the best show on television! Our country needs this show because it gives us hope their are still God fearing gun toting Americans out there and we are not alone.
  • Thanks for standing with our patriot!!!
  • i think we need more shows with no cussing and showing no body parts. thanks for keeping a clean show on the air.
  • Thank you for standing with Phil Robertson.
  • Thank you all for standing with Phil Robertson, Sponsors.
  • Thank you sponsors for standing with Phil Robertson.
  • Proud to do business with companies that stand for something. God bless.
  • Thank you for your support.
  • Thanks for standing for the Bible and the truth.
  • A special thanks goes out to the sponsors that actually supported the rights of our people. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
  • Thank you t all the sponsors who HEARD the majority, and abided by them! I will go out of my way when at all possible to make sure I stand by you!