Disney ? Really ? ooooh, I get it now!

Yes people, The Walt Disney Company is the Company (Disney–ABC Television Group) that owns these Channels. I think Walt would turn over in his grave knowing Disney is behind all this. I really don't think Disney is for TRADITIONAL Family's anymore which Disney was built on. Think of this before you spend your Dollars and (sense) for a Family Vacation. Now you know where your money is going and the impact it's making on Family's in America. Everyone can look up this info yourself on who owns these channels and put your own facts together on the bigger picture! The Walt Disney World President is openly Gay and might give you a bigger picture on this big mess!

Will Gay Disney World Prez Help LGBT Inclusion in Disney Media?
Filed By Dana Rudolph | February 05, 2013 10:30 AM |




Slogan Celebrating 60 Years of Television
Headquarters 77 West 66th Street, New York City, New York
Owner The Walt Disney Company
Parent Disney–ABC Television Group
Key people
Bob Iger
Anne Sweeney
David Westin
Paul Lee
George Bodenheimer
Launch date October 12, 1943 (radio)
April 19, 1948 (television)

A&E Owner(s)
Hearst Corporation (50%)
Disney–ABC Television Group 50%).

A+E Networks Sites

Crime & Investigation Network
HISTORY en Español
Lifetime Real Women
Military HISTORY

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