Do Christians Deserve to be Treated Equally with Everyone Else?


The success of GOD’S NOT DEAD 2 sparks national debate on inclusion and equality for Faith Driven Consumers—in the marketplace and workplace

By going to see GOD’S NOT DEAD 2, millions of Faith Driven Consumers are voicing support at the box office—clamoring for a culture in America that’s respectful and inclusive to Christians. (By the way, if you haven’t seen GOD’S NOT DEAD 2 yet, you need to…)

And many of us are asking, does the company I work for—and those I shop with—treat me, as a Faith Driven Consumer, equally with others they prioritize?

Our friends at Lifeway research did a poll clearly showing that most of the nation stands with us. They found that two-thirds of Americans agree that the culture is becoming more intolerant toward Christians—a sharp increase from two years ago when Lifeway asked the same question.

As a result of this spotlight on the increasingly unequal treatment of Christians in the culture, we have been asked, “What can we do to fight for positive change?”

The most natural place to start is the companies we work for. Almost all major corporations (most likely including your own) have policies in support of diversity and inclusion—stating that they do not discriminate based on a number of factors, including religion. Yet we routinely see that by their actions this is clearly not true when it comes to Christians.  

Instead, most companies play favorites, offering special treatment to groups they prefer—and either ignoring or actively excluding Faith Driven Consumers like you. If we are going to change the culture, we must speak out now.

Today, as part of the #GodsNotDead2Us campaign, we’re starting with five companies that offer great examples of the glaring gap between corporate words and actions—AT&T, Allstate, Comcast, Marriott, and Wells Fargo. 

All of these companies get top grades from organizations that measure how diverse and inclusive they are. Yet, when we scored them for how they treat Faith Driven Consumers—using the same standards for our Faith Equality Index—they all scored very low.

As you can see, numbers don’t lie:

We are asking you—right now—to take a stand and join the #GodsNotDead2Us movement by taking these two easy steps:


  1. Sign the #GodsNotDead2Us petition here.
  2. Then click on the five company logos to email their CEO and Chief Diversity Officer—asking them to #AddUsIn to their corporate rainbow of diversity.



By coming together and asking these five leading brands to #AddUsIn, we collectively raise our voices and call on each to “walk the talk” and match their actions with their public commitment to diversity and inclusion—including Faith Driven Consumers. 

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