Duggar Family Under Fire For Expressing Biblical Views


Petition calls on TLC to drop their hit reality show, ‘19 Kids and Counting’

Here we go again.

Last December it was Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, who was suspended from his hit A+E show—under pressure from those determined to stifle his freedom to express his deeply held, Bible-based views. Christians and fair-minded Americans nationwide rallied to his defense and A+E reinstated Robertson to the show after a nine-day media firestorm.

Then this spring it was David and Jason Benham, who faced a similar fate with the abrupt cancellation of their HGTV show when activists discovered that the telegenic twins had publicly expressed their biblical views on life and sexuality. Although the outcry in their defense did not persuade HGTV to reinstate the show, it did cause Suntrust Banks to reconsider punitive actions it had announced against the twins—a significant victory for those who hold to a biblical worldview.

Now one of America’s most beloved television families, the Duggars, are under attack for openly living out their Christian faith and expressing their values in the public square. A petition calling for The Learning Channel (TLC) to drop their hit show, 19 Kids and Counting, is gaining steam—fueled in large part by media coverage in outlets sympathetic to the homosexual and transgender political and social agenda.

The Duggars’ crimes?  Daring to proclaim that God’s created intent for human sexuality and family is based on the one-man/one-woman model of marriage, publicly weighing in on a state-wide referendum in their home state of Arkansas involving public restroom access to transgender-identified individuals, and, in the case of Josh Duggar, working for the pro-family Washington-based, advocacy group, Family Research Council Action

Only time will tell whether or not TLC caves to pressure from activists seeking to stifle the free expression of biblically orthodox Christian views in the marketplace of goods, services and ideas, and stay tuned here for updates.  

Also, we want to hear from you — do you watch the show and support the Duggar family?       

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