Pro-Life Eden Foods Draws Progressive Backlash Following Hobby Lobby Decision


Whole Foods resists pressure to drop organic food maker

As the Supreme Court’s Burwell v. Hobby Lobby decision reverberates through various – and sometimes competing – values-driven consumer groups in the United States, the latest cultural flashpoint centers on Michigan-based, faith-driven Eden Foods, North America’s oldest and largest natural and organic food maker.

Solely owned by devoutly Catholic owner and CEO Michael Potter, Eden Foods specializes in macrobiotic products, whole grains and local produce.  Its products are widely carried by specialty food co-ops and retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods.

The reason for the Progressive Left’s coordinated campaign to pressure supermarkets like Whole Foods to drop Eden Foods? It was one of 80 organizations that, based on faith convictions, sued for relief from the onerous Obamacare Health and Human Services contraceptive mandate. 

Through the lens of Potter’s faith-driven worldview, Eden Foods has excluded not only female-based contraceptives from its employee health plan, but also Viagra for men and other “lifestyle drugs” like smoking cessation medications. As a staunch defender of pre-born human life, Potter “believes that any action which either before, at the moment of, or after sexual intercourse, is specifically intended to prevent procreation, whether as an end or means — including abortifacients and contraception — is wrong.”  

For its part, Whole Foods so far has resisted activist pressure to drop Eden Foods, with spokesperson Michael Silverman saying, "When reviewing products for our shelves, our primary consideration is whether a product's ingredients meet our quality standards."  He adds, "We recognize and respect that customers have their own personal criteria for buying or not buying a product, and it's every shopper's right to vote with their dollars on that basis. We hope that if people have feedback for Eden Foods, they share it with them directly."

Meanwhile, other supermarket and co-op retailers are also responding to pressure from activists to drop Eden Foods – with some maintaining ties and others severing them.

As a Faith Driven Consumer, how does this controversy resonate with you? 

Do you support the decision by the Christian leadership of Eden Foods to exclude all contraceptives from its employee health plan?  Or, as was the case with Hobby Lobby, do you draw the line with contraceptives that likely induce abortion?

And what do you think of efforts by Progressive activists to encourage consumers to boycott Eden Foods and force supermarkets to drop its products because of its pro-life position?  How about Whole Foods’ response?

Are you similarly ready to take a stand and match your wallet to your worldview – to vote with your dollars – and support Whole Foods and other retailers that carry Eden Foods products?

Let us know what you think.    

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