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  1. Faith Driven Consumer supports the Parents Television Council (PTC) as a reliable resource for parents. PTC has created a weekly Parent’s Guide for Christians who want to watch wholesome television throughout the week. Visit the website to get your own copy and see what shows are rated family-friendly by clicking here. The criteria for ranking is found here.


  1. MovieGuide is a family guide to movies and entertainment. This guide offers “redeeming values of the entertainment industry, according to biblical principles.”
  2. Plugged in is sponsored by Focus on the Family and provides reviews on all forms of entertainment. It aims to “shine a light on the world of popular entertainment” including movies, shows, songs and games.

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  • William McDowell
    For a long time I have lamented the loss of what could be termed “wholesome adult entertainment”. It may sound corny but by this, I mean entertainment which is not directed at children but does not demean Christianity. It is possible, as has been done in the past, to create movies, stage plays, and other works of entertainment which did not necessarily proselytizer but which presented positive lessons and treated the Christian religion as a normal part of life. While not a perfect example, I was watching the Steve McQueen “Bullit” the other night. At one point he catches up with his commanding officer on a Sunday and the man is going to church with his family. There is no comment one way or the other. It is simply shown as a normal thing to do on a Sunday morning.

    I would like to see an effort to single out films, plays, books, and other works of art that present a “traditional” view of the world. Every piece of performing art does not need to be a Passion Play but they can show strong fathers, protective mothers, solid families, young adults making good choices, soldiers making sacrifices for their fellow men and all the other things that are a model for lifting the human spirit. What a welcome change this would be as opposed to the things we normally have offered to us in the name of “entertainment”