Environmental Stewardship as a Faith Driven Consumer


In the past decade, global warming has risen to the top in political issues. Global leaders have debated and discussed ways to combat the issues that would come with this looming threat.

2011 Sustainability Study by Nielsen asked consumers how ‘concerned’ they are about the following environmental issues:

  • Air Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Packaging Waste
  • Water Shortages
  • Use of Pesticides
  • Climate Change/ Global Warming

The study found that global warming is lower in concern for people, with air pollution having the highest concern. In fact, the study concluded that climate change/ global warming concerns have fallen since 2007.

Whether you believe in global warming as a cycle, that it is human made, or maybe you don’t believe in it at all, it has affected your purchases. Americans have watched as products they buy are labeled “green” or “eco-friendly.”

According to the Nielsen study, Americans believe purchasing these sustainable products are having a positive impact on the environment. These products include:

  • Energy efficient products or appliances
  • Products in recycling packaging
  • Products with little or no packaging
  • Organic Products
  • Products bought from the farmers market
  • Ethically produced or grown products
  • Products that haven’t traveled long distances to get to the stores
  • Locally made products
  • Fair Trade Products
  • Products that have not been tested on animals

Nielsen concluded that, globally, people find energy efficient products or appliances are having the most positive impact on the environment, with products that have not been tested on animals having the lowest positive impact. The study also found that people in North America believe that buying local products has the most positive impact.

So, what does this mean to a Faith Driven Consumer?

As Christians, we know that ‘The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof’ Psalm 24:1. However, we become conflicted when we know that the Lord has given the earth for man to use.

Faith Driven Consumer believes the conscious efforts of companies that practice environmental stewardship should be rewarded and encouraged. These companies are making obvious strides to please their consumers by making their products more sustainable.

The environmental movement has had a major impact on the marketplace. It has not only impacted our purchases, but the way we think about the environment.

As Faith Driven Consumers, our voices can also be heard in the marketplace–Christians have influence and can change worldview, much like the environmental movement has done environmentalists.

Look for our company reviews coming soon as we will include a section about companies that practice environmental stewardship.

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