Equality and Fairness Matter at Ford, Unless You’re a Christian...


Ford Motor Company contractor Thomas Banks has filed a legal compliant with the federal government after being fired for simply expressing his views about the company’s support for its LGBT employee empowerment group. This news came a day after the Mormon Church announced its willingness to respect the legislative goals of the LGBT community, provided that the biblical position on sexuality, family and marriage is equally respected and embraced.

The LGBT community continues to demand equality, inclusion, and tolerance. Yet, in a blatantly hypocritical fashion, some of the same people are advocating for inequality, intolerance, and exclusion for those who express a different point of view. Look no further than Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran in Atlanta, fired this month because he expressed his views in a book he wrote for his Bible study.

Although LGBT activists would have us believe that the clash between LGBT freedom and biblical faith is a zero-sum game—with one winner and one loser—this need not be the case. In our pluralistic society that places high value on the equal application of equal rights, fair-minded Americans agree that “diversity” includes religion, and “tolerance” must, indeed, be a two-way street.

People of faith are being relegated to a new, second-class status—effectively being forced into the closet. As federal judges one-by-one overturn the duly-enacted will of the people in 33 states defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman—and Corporate America increasingly embraces the social and political goals of the LGBT movement—what was once of a trickle of stories about Christian marginalization is now a steady stream.

But Faith Driven Consumers are saying enough is enough. We acknowledge that the LGBT community has a right to be treated with dignity and fairness, because as Christians we are called to love and respect everyone. However, we are not called to love every idea, choice or action. It is a clear violation of our constitutional rights to deny our expression of faith while forcing us to celebrate a view that violates our faith.

The Mormon proposal is, in effect, a call for the creation of a “safe harbor” for every community in America’s rainbow of diversity, putting forth the “new” idea that everyone should be treated with fairness. It’s a call for companies to equally apply their equal opportunity employer and non-discrimination policies to each enumerated group—including people of faith—and actively work toward creating a workplace climate where each group is welcomed, valued and respected.

As a Faith Driven Consumer – do you feel like you are being treated fairly when you go to work every day? 

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