Faith Driven Consumer Emerges Despite Shrinking Religious Faith in America


By Shea Northcut

Religious beliefs are shrinking in America as church attendance slowly drops, according to a recent Duke study regarding American religion.

In the 2011 study, “American Religion: Contemporary Trends”, author Mark Chaves says religious beliefs in America are “softening” as belief in God is shrinking and a large number of Americans said they do not identify with any religious group.

Chaves found that congregations across America are shrinking as there is a growing dissatisfaction with religious leaders and more people who do not think about faith.

The study revealed that 92 percent of Americans still profess belief in God, but do not acknowledge religion as part of their identity.

Despite all of the religious discussion we hear within the political arena, the media continues to paint a negative image of those who share their faith.

According to the study, Americans agree that religion should stay out of politics. It revealed that from 1991 to 2008, the percentage of Americans who strongly agreed that religious leaders should stay out of politics rose from 20 percent to 44 percent.

As our culture is slowly drifting away from religion and belief in God, the Faith Driven Consumer market becomes more distinct. FDC is a rapidly emerging and powerful group that remains anchored to Christ, despite what our culture is churning out.

We look around and see everything but Christ in today’s culture. As Faith Driven Consumers, now is the time more than ever to remain anchored to Christ. This makes our movement that much more apparent and prominent as we are distinct from the rest of America.

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