Faith-Driven Groups Forced to Hire Against Their Beliefs?


Faith Driven Consumer

News sources are reporting that the federal government is poised to force faith-based organizations receiving federal grants to hire lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees—or lose their funding. This follows on the heels of a 2014 White House Executive Order requiring all federal contractors to offer protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity—and will hit Christian universities and church-affiliated humanitarian groups particularly hard.


And it’s not only the values of biblically orthodox Christians that are the targets of government-imposed reform. Even sovereign Native American tribes will soon find themselves forced to comply with nondiscrimination rules protecting the LGBT community.   

Clearly, with federal funds come strings.

In a society based on tolerance, is it fair for the government to force Christian groups to give up access to federal funds simply because of their religious convictions?

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  • I personally, will educate myself, when spending my money and not support ungodly things. I am not always informed as I should be but I try. Now we cannot send our young adults to state funded colleges and for fear of indoctrination, we may not be able to send our young adults to Christian colleges either. We need to stand firm on our resolve to life as Christ would. We need to make all of our decisions based on what decisions Christ would make. That is our answer and let the chips fall where they may. My husband is a pastor and he will not compromise on the Word of God no matter what the government does or says. We will probably lose our church building and maybe end up in jail but some of the finest Christians have suffered immeasurably for their faith. Maybe we will have the privilege of joining them.
  • no this very unfair!!. why is this group out to destroy christians?? live your life the way you want and leave us alone!!