Faith-driven High School Runner Chooses to Skip Important Race Rather Than Violate Her Beliefs

Faith-driven High School Runner Chooses to Skip Important Race Rather Than Violate Her Beliefs

In a story that’s making national headlines, the faith-driven worldview of one Kentucky high school cross-country runner was put to the test last weekend when she drew bib number “666” for her qualifying race for the state championship meet. 

Codie Thacker, an openly Christian junior at Whitley County High School, made the decision to sacrifice her dream of qualifying for the state meet rather than wear a number widely associated in both sacred and secular contexts with Satan due to its reference to the Anti-Christ in the biblical book of Revelation.

Remarkably, the simple request by Thacker’s coach to switch out the “666” bib for another number was denied by race officials.  

In an interview with Lexington NBC affiliate LEX18, Thacker, who had been training for this race since June, said, “I told them that it had to do with my religion, the way I believed,” and that “it makes me sick just thinking that my name is associated with that number."

While Kentucky may seem like an unlikely place for this situation to unfold given its Bible-belt leanings, Thacker’s clear-minded resolve to steward her time and talent in a way that maintains her witness for Christ and glorifies God – even at the cost of a personal dream – is admirable.

As Faith Driven Consumers, each of us is called to steward well the time, talent and treasure we’ve been entrusted by God in every arena of life.  Like Codie Thacker, are we willing to stand firm in our Christian faith and biblical worldview with the many decisions we face on a daily basis – including our daily consumer spending decisions?

Let’s take inspiration from Codie and keep running the good race – without running away from our beliefs.

Check out the interview here:

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