Faith Driven Consumer and our Reviewers:

Faith Driven Consumer (FDC) is an organization connecting Christian consumers with faith-compatible companies, opportunities, and entertainment. FDC represents the 41 million self-identified faith-driven consumers who are interested in understanding what offerings in the marketplace are faith-compatible or complimentary to their biblical worldview and values.

Faith Driven Consumer’s Reviewers are advocates of a biblically orthodox worldview and all commentary offered is written through this lens. FDC’s Reviewers are not trained film critics or filmmakers and are reviewing the film solely as consumers with a biblically orthodox worldview.

Who is the audience for Faith Driven Consumer’s Film Reviews?

The audience for FDC’s Faith-friendly Film Reviews is the millions of people who are “Faith-Driven Consumers.” Simply put, they are consumers who care deeply about whether the entertainment they and their families consume will resonate with their deeply held biblical worldview and values.

We provide ratings based on a five-star scale in each of five criteria categories. By offering these ratings, we hope to empower the Faith Driven Consumer market segment that spends 2 trillion dollars annually to make informed decisions about their own and their family’s entertainment consumption.

All reviews will place a great focus on reviewing the movie itself with minimal to no emphasis placed on reviewing external factors including, but not limited to: the film’s budget, industry production rumors, and studio leadership, filmmaker, and talent personalities.

How We Evaluate Films

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