Faith-friendly Film Reviews Criteria

Five Criteria Categories

Overall Faith and/or Biblical Relevance (Scale 1-5; 5 is most faith-compatible)

If the film is based on a biblical story, how compatible or incompatible is the film with the actual bible story on which it is based? If the film is not an adaptation of a biblical story, how compatible is the film overall with Christian / biblical values?

Faith-compatible Depiction of Characters and Character Relationships (Scale 1-5; 5 is most faith-compatible)

Are the characters depicted in ways that would honor God and be in keeping with a biblically orthodox worldview? Are relationships between characters resonant of the love and respect that God teaches in the Bible? If not, what are the ways that the film fails in its depiction of characters to honor God.

Faith-compatible Depiction of Situations (Scale 1-5; 5 is most faith-compatible)

Are the situations in the film and their resolutions compatible with a Christian worldview? Do the situations and their outcomes resonate with themes in the Bible or do they pose contrary perspectives? 

Family Viewing Suitability (Scale 1-5; 5 is most faith-compatible)

Through the lens of faith compatibility, how appropriate is this film to share with your children? Are there age considerations that should be noted?

Entertainment Value (Scale 1-5; 5 is most faith-compatible)

As a person driven by faith, how entertaining did you find the film? Were there elements that you enjoyed more than others? Or were there opportunities where the film may have been better/more entertaining? Here is where we share observations on production value, cinematography, musical score, quality of acting, etc.

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  • Clara Garcia
    Everyone should see Son Of God. Our purpose of life is to live and die for our
    lord Jesus Christ! He is making a place for us in Heaven when we die!