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 Faith Driven Consumer and our Reviewers:

Faith Driven Consumer (FDC) is an organization connecting Christian consumers with faith-compatible companies, opportunities, and entertainment. FDC represents the 46 million self-identified faith-driven consumers who are interested in understanding what offerings in the marketplace are faith-compatible or complimentary to their biblical worldview and values.

Faith Driven Consumer’s Reviewers are advocates of a biblically orthodox worldview and all commentary offered is written through this lens. FDC’s Reviewers are not trained film critics or filmmakers and are reviewing the film solely as consumers with a biblically orthodox worldview.

Who is the audience for Faith Driven Consumer’s Film Reviews?

The audience for FDC’s Faith-friendly Film Reviews is the millions of people who are “Faith-Driven Consumers.” Simply put, they are consumers who care deeply about whether the entertainment they and their families consume will resonate with their deeply held biblical worldview and values.

We provide ratings based on a five-star scale in each of five criteria categories. By offering these ratings, we hope to empower the Faith Driven Consumer market segment that spends 1.75 trillion dollars annually to make informed decisions about their own and their family’s entertainment consumption.

All reviews will place a great focus on reviewing the movie itself with minimal to no emphasis placed on reviewing external factors including, but not limited to: the film’s budget, industry production rumors, and studio leadership, filmmaker, and talent personalities. 

How We Evaluate Films

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  • I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this is a must see for every Christian as!! some will be some of the scriptural and biblical liberties that were taken. I’m not sure if they are New Age or what, but you DO need an open mind to decipher the truth for good discussion.
  • Other than the Passion, which was well done, I didn’t like it. It was not an accurate account of the Bible and was somewhat scandalous, i.e., Mary Magdaline in every scene, in particular in the boat with the apostles. It could never have happened – anyone read the DaVinci Code??
  • I went to see Son of God. There definitely were liberties taken, however, I was not as offended with them as those in the History Channel’s Bible Series (done by the same people). Son of God could have easily been expanded to a full series for TV, and probably would have been better. Parts were extremely well-done; others left out scriptures that were, in my heart, crucial to The Word and true history and events. The main thing is, in any of the movies like this, they must be viewed with an open mind and heart. If you pick apart every line, and criticize everything then stay home. One star would be too much. I would give this 3-1/2 to 4 stars. I wish, as said, some of the scenes were a bit more detailed. The crucifixion scenes were very good, though not perfect. Counted, by many people, were not two betrayals by Peter, though script repeatedly mentioned three, as we know. Diogo Morgado, who played Jesus, did a believable Christ, with the attributes we all know and love about our God. The only problem, as agreed to by many others, is that he was too good looking. That is great for some, but scripture says that HE was comely, and would have easily blended in with the crowds. There is no way that Diogo Morgado (as he appeared here) would blend in. See it. Good discussions should follow, which is the point.
  • Anytime you delute the Word of God under whatever title you wanted to give it, you lead people away from Biblical truth. We live in a world full of deception, so now we are told go see these movies because of the subject matter and not to worry concerning Hollywood’s license. Hogwash! If it’s not portrayed as told in the Scriptures, then it’s NOT worth my Money nor Time.
  • I went to see it. In fact a local church bought out the theater for a preview showing and then offered a message after the film. I know the movie was Hollywood, but I was very moved and drawn closer to my Lord by the depiction of great love, power and mercy that Jesus had. The depiction of his humanness with the same kind of emotions we experience made me fall deeper in love with Him, my Savior who knows all I go through. Overall I thought it was a very well done film. My hope is that it leaves the viewer wanting more and that they will pursue Him, Jesus, to answer their personal hunger for truth, hope, love and forgiveness.
  • I have not seen Son of God, nor do I plan to. I too was very disappointed with the “artistic liberties” taken in the Bible miniseries. As my pastor likes to say, you can get some entertainment from the History channel, but get your theology from the Word.
  • Thanks*
  • o I did not realise that Richard, I won’t be going to see it after all. tanks for the heads up! blessings to you and yours.
  • The trailer looked like Mary (mother of Jesus played by Roma Downey) was at the last supper. To my knowledge she was not there. I didn’t like the bible series they did for TV, as I felt they took too many non-biblical artistic liberties. I will probably see this movie, however, I hope I don’t waste my money. I kind of wish this was on free TV.
  • Isn’t this the movie that they removed Satan from? By doing so, they completely removed my desire to see it. Satan was a much a part of the story of Jesus as any of the disciples, and perhaps even more then they, since he was in it long before and long after.
    Without Satan, there really is no need for Jesus, since Satan introduced the sin Jesus had to defeat for us. Removing the primary antagonist is like taking the zombies out of a zombie apocalypse movie. Beyond that, Jesus fills any role you can place on him other than that the Bible gave him, which is the Messiah that delivers us from Satan.
  • It seemed pretty accurate in the trailer, I will go see it.