What Faith Driven Consumers Seek From Brands

Hint:  It’s all about faith compatibility

Consumers expect more from brands than ever before—and a key element of these expectations is that brands will reflect and respect their values. In recent years, cause-driven corporate choices have leaned toward a focus on environmental friendliness and social responsibility—to name two out of many. But what about compatibility with faith?

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Faith Driven Consumers Represent a Unique Marketplace Perspective

Survey Data Show That Faith Driven Consumers Put Their Finances Where Their Faith Is

A key goal for any brand is analyzing customer behavior—what motivates consumers in their purchasing decisions. Equally important, what steers them away from a purchase.

Thankfully, brands have a solid well of new survey data from American Insights to draw conclusions from regarding Faith Driven Consumers, a growing but largely untapped niche market that represents 17% of the U.S. adult population—more than 41 million people—who spend $2 trillion annually. As we first unveiled last week, this 85-question national survey gives brands a valuable snapshot of those who identify as “faith driven” in their purchasing decisions.

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New Research Sheds Light on Who Faith Driven Consumers Are—And What They Want

Racially and Politically Diverse, Faith Driven Consumers Are a Powerful Buying Force in America

Faith Driven Consumers have emerged as a purchasing powerhouse in recent years. Now, we have some exciting new data that will show exactly who makes up this “faith-driven” cohort of consumers and what they want from brands.

Conducted by the research firm American Insights, this comprehensive new national survey qualifies and quantifies Faith Driven Consumers, a rapidly emerging and economically potent subset of the Christian community. These consumers represent 17% of the U.S. adult population—more than 41 million people—who spend $2 trillion each year.

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“Duck Dynasty” Breaks More Viewership Records in 3rd Season Finale

Tops the charts against both cable and broadcast competitors 

Who would have guessed that a family that embodies rural American values and love for hunting and Jesus could be so much fun to watch?

Duck DynastyLast summer we wrote about the popular A&E show, “Duck Dynasty,” which follows the daily lives of the Robertson family, a clan of self-proclaimed rednecks whose Duck Commander brand of hunting products has made them rich and famous. 

The 30-minute show has now become a national phenomenon and recently set the record as A&E’s most-watched show after 9.6 million viewers tuned in for the season three series finale on April 24. 

From Yahoo!:

                “Last night’s one-hour episode garnered 5.6 million viewers in adults 25-54, 5.5 million adults 18-49 and 2.6 million adults 18-34 to become the most-watched series telecast in A&E’s history in all demos. That is a 41% rise in 18-49 over last season’s finale and a 47% rise in 25-54.”

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Women Control Spending Power in America

Nielsen findings consistent with data on $2 trillion Faith Driven Consumer segment

Grocery stores, mass retailers, and drug stores – these are a few store types that women disproportionately control in terms of spending power in America.  

New data released by Nielsen in April 2013 show that women have vast spending power – ranging from $5 trillion to $15 trillion annually. The report indicates that in the next decade, women as a demographic will control two-thirds of the consumer wealth in the U.S. and will continue to grow to unprecedented levels as a segment. 

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Majority of Americans Still Religiously Affiliated

Gallup findings consistent with data on $2 trillion Faith Driven Consumer segment

Religion is alive and well in America.

New data released by Gallup in February shows that 40 percent of Americans in 2012 classified themselves as very religious. For this group, religion was an important part of daily life and they attended religious services every week or almost every week.  Additionally, 29 percent of those surveyed self-identified as moderately religious—meaning that about seven in ten Americans consider themselves to be moderately to very religious

Gallup’s state-by-state results were “based on more than 348,000 interviews conducted as part of Gallup Daily tracking in 2012, including more than 1,000 interviews conducted in all but two states and the District of Columbia.”

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Case Study: Lowe’s Has Natural Affinity with Emerging $2 Trillion Market Segment

Home improvement giant resonates well with Faith Driven Consumers

Tools, paint, building and garden supplies, convenience, customer service and price — these are some of the things consumers look for when shopping at a home improvement store.

loewsBut beyond factors that often differentiate one retailer over another, most consumers gravitate toward the brand that “feels right” – most closely aligns and is compatible with – their core values and worldview.

Based on our research, as a national home improvement chain which has taken a neutral stand on divisive cultural issues, Lowe’s is more likely to resonate deeply with the rapidly emerging and economically powerful Faith Driven Consumer segment than its chief competitor, Home Depot.  This market segment, of 41 million Americans that spends $2 trillion annually, could be a game-changer for Lowe’s.

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Faith-based Quiz Show a Television Market Hit

More evidence that Faith Driven Consumers are a viable and desirable segment for brands

Last fall, I wrote on our Faith Driven Consumer blog about GSN’s new hit show, “The American Bible Challenge,” hosted by comedian Jeff Foxworthy. It premiered as the cable network’s top-rated program of all time with 1.7 million viewers, and maintained its position throughout the season with 13 million viewers and the highest viewership ratings for GSN in its 17-year history.

american-bible-challenge450Recently, GSN announced that the show, which features three teams of three contestants answering questions from the Bible, will be renewed for a second season. And to “bring a little more sauce and swag” to the hit show, GSN has added seven-time Grammy winner Kirk Franklin and an on-stage gospel choir into the mix.  

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Boy Scouts Decision Highlights Need for Brands to Consider Their Core Consumers

Faith Driven Consumers at heart of affinity market segment

The leadership of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) continues to grapple with its national policy on sexual orientation. This week’s announcement to postpone a final decision until May indicates a shift toward fuller consideration of viewpoints held by its core consumer members and natural affinity stakeholders.

Boy Scouts of AMerica
Picture taken by Tim Sharp/Reuters

While there are other stakeholders and market segments that have ties to BSA – an enduring brand that has contributed greatly to the development of American leaders for more than a century – at its heart are Faith Driven ConsumersBetween two-thirds and 70 percent of local scouting units are sponsored by faith-affiliated groups – the majority of which hold to historic and traditional biblical values and morals on human sexuality, marriage and family.

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Top 2013 Super Bowl Ads Resonate with Faith Driven Consumers

Brands that speak to America’s heritage of faith and family win highest ratings

For brands that are open to considering the value of welcoming and including the $2 trillion Faith Driven Consumer segment into their marketing mix, the results of the 2013 Super Bowl ad campaigns show that faith- and family-oriented messages  scored big with American consumers.

Indeed, the case can be made that out of 54 Super Bowl ads rated by USA Today’s Ad Meter, four of the top five were Faith Driven Consumer-messaged ads.

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