INFOGRAPHIC: The First Four Faith-Based Films


UPDATE: The Infographic now includes HEAVEN IS FOR REAL!

Here is a brand new analysis detailing the commercial performance of the first three Year of the Bible Movie offerings. Faith Driven Consumer’s new Bible Movie Scorecard INFOGRAPHIC compares the 2004 Bible box office hit THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, which we consider to be the "gold standard" for movies intended to appeal to faith-based audiences, to four weeks of domestic box office data from NOAH, SON OF GOD, and GOD’S NOT DEAD. Specifically, we measure the return on investment for each film as well as other key metrics and insights. 

Conclusion? There’s a direct link between our Faith-Friendly Film Review Ratings and success at the box office.

As Founder Chris Stone put it, “When a filmmaker creates an entertainment product that respects the biblical message, narrative, and worldview, it resonates with a Faith Driven Consumer audience that spends $1.75 trillion annually. We’re here to encourage Hollywood to keep it up — give us more faith-compatible entertainment choices and we will reward you for products that resonate with Faith Driven Consumers." 

Check it out, give us your thoughts, and share with your friends!  


*Note: If you would like to see the full size version of the infographic, right click the image and open in a new tab.

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