FEI Overview

Faith Driven Consumer™ Faith Equality Index (FEI)

Rating American Brands on Equality for Faith Driven Consumers and Employees 

One of the greatest strengths of the American marketplace is its diversity. We are a unique blend of people whose identities have been woven together into a rich and beautiful tapestry that is the envy of the world, reflected in our motto, E pluribus unum—out of many, one.

It is in this context of America’s highly pluralistic culture and economy that Faith Driven Consumer has developed its Faith Equality Index (FEI). We have established the standard by which Corporate America demonstrates its commitment to full inclusion of the Faith Driven Consumer market segment as an equally valued, welcomed and respected community in the rich rainbow of diversity. The FEI rates and encourages the equal application of equal protections for all groups and measures a company’s commitment and actions in order to create parity, at minimum, between Faith Driven Consumers and other groups that are embraced in the rainbow of employment, philanthropy, and marketing diversity.

Faith Driven Consumers are Christians who proactively live out their faith throughout their life – including where they shop, what they buy and the entertainment choices they make. Faith Driven Consumers make daily decisions in the context of their biblical worldview and view their choices through that lens as a matter of stewardship. As Corporate America embraces this opportunity to better serve Faith Driven Consumers—a rapidly emerging and economically powerful community that numbers 41 million Americans and spends $2 trillion annually, everyone will benefit. Companies that score a minimum of 50 points and are in the top 10% overall are recognized as “Best Places to Shop and Work for Faith Equality and Inclusion” and are welcome to use this distinction in their marketing and recruitment efforts. Brands that have responded to the community saying "We Welcome You" are featured as preferred brands of Faith Driven Consumers.


    • 86% of Faith Driven Consumers are more likely to do business with a brand that welcomes them and acknowledges their values, and 70% are actively seeking faith compatible brands. 93% of FDCs see value in a resource like the FEI that allows them to easily identify the faith compatibility of brands. (Faithnomics research by American Insights)
    • Ratings are based on company performance against the FEI Scorecard as deeply researched by our team using publicly available information and are thus preliminary pending direct input from the company itself, unless noted as Brand Certified.
    • Companies received the Faith Equality Index Survey and were also contacted by phone inviting them to partner with Faith Driven Consumer to ensure the accuracy of their score. There is no cost to submit the FEI Survey.
    • Companies were selected for inclusion in the inaugural Faith Equality Index based on their size, marketing, competitive landscape and focus on diversity.
    • Public diversity statements from each brand are included if available. 
    • Diversity ratings by other organizations are included for comparison.
    • Brands in categories such as Consumer Goods and Food are rated based on their respective parent company. Diversity statements and comparative ratings are also drawn from the parent companies.
    • See all rated brands in one 2016 FEI Report listed by score, category and name.
    • Find additional answers to Frequently Asked Questions on our blog.




Best Places to Shop and Work for Faith Equality and Inclusion. Score in Top 10% of all brands.


Best score in category.


Brand Certified Score. Company completed FEI Survey to ensure accuracy of score.


Company stated that it welcomes, embraces and celebrates Faith Driven Consumers.


FEI SCORECARD: 100 points


Public Commitment to Faith Driven Consumers

30 points

Actions that demonstrate a company-wide public commitment to the Faith Driven Consumer community, including:
  • Initiate and maintain a specific welcoming campaign communicating respect for, genuine welcome and celebration of Faith Driven Consumers and employees – 5 points
  • Ongoing engagement of and outreach to the Faith Driven Consumer market segment including faith-compatible, wholesome advertising and marketing campaigns (e.g. faith-driven content, faith-driven media or sponsorship of faith-driven events) – 10 points
  • Use of the word “Christmas” in seasonal advertising – 5 points 
  • Philanthropic support of biblically orthodox faith-driven organization(s) or event(s) (e.g. financial, in-kind or pro bono support) – 5 points
  • Proactive public support for legislative, regulatory, and/or judicial protections for religious liberty including freedom of speech, association and expression – 5 points



Faith-Compatible Corporate Actions

30 points

Actions that demonstrate an acknowledgement of, respect for and compatibility with biblically orthodox teachings on core issues of importance to Faith Driven Consumers, including:
  • Respect for, acknowledgment of, and compatibility with a comprehensive pro-life view on abortion, embryonic stem cell research and euthanasia – either by supporting these positions publicly, financially or with in-kind resources equal, at minimum, to support given alternative positions, or remaining silent and neutral on these issues – 10 points
  • Respect for, acknowledgement of, and compatibility with biblical teaching on sexuality, gender, marriage and family – either by supporting these positions publicly, financially or with in-kind resources equal, at minimum, to support given alternative positions, or remaining silent and neutral on these issues – 10 points
  • Promote or support wholesome images in marketing and culture while refraining from the promotion or support of pornography, sexual immorality or the sexual exploitation of individuals, as viewed through a biblical lens – 10 points



Equal Application of Equal Protections

20 points

Actions that create a safe harbor inclusive of religious freedom and practice in the marketplace and workplace, including:
  • NDP – A workplace Non-Discrimination Policy that includes explicit, enumerated protections for Faith Driven Consumers/employees – 5 points
  • ERG – Offers an employer-sponsored Employee Resource Group for faith-driven employees – 10 points
  • EAEP – An Equal Application of Equal Protection statement specifying that all enumerated groups are protected equally in practice with every other enumerated group – 5 points



Corporate Competency in the Faith Driven Consumer Market Segment

20 points

Actions that demonstrate respect for, genuine welcome and celebration of Faith Driven Consumers as well as their biblically orthodox values and worldview, including:
  • Faith/religious identity and expression as a recognized category in the corporate diversity position—stating that Faith Driven Consumers as well as faith-driven employees, suppliers and partners are welcomed and celebrated as a respected community into the company’s rainbow of diversity – 5 points 
  • Targeted recruiting efforts for both faith-driven employees and suppliers – 5 points
  • Faith-inclusive employee training, resources and accountability measures that include (10 points total):
    • New hire training that clearly articulates a nondiscrimination policy including faith/religious identity and expression, and provides definitions or scenarios illustrating the policy for each – 2 points
    • Training for supervisors that includes faith/religious identity and expression, and provides definitions or scenarios illustrating the policy for each – 2 points
    • Professional development covering topics of diversity includes faith/religious identity and expression (e.g. skills-based or other leadership training including elements of faith-based diversity and/or cultural competency) – 2 points
    • Senior management/executive performance measures of their respective diversity and inclusion efforts also include faith/religious identity and expression – 2 points
    • Optional questions on faith/religious identity on employee data or survey forms that include other demographic questions such as race, gender or sexual orientation – 2 points



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