Find Out Which Company Ranks #1 in Customer Satisfaction in America (Hint: It’s Faith-Driven)


The results are in and chicken is king!

According to the 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index Restaurant Report, faith-driven Chick-fil-A takes top honors in this year’s annual survey—by a wide margin.

Scoring 87 out of 100 points on this index, family-owned Chick-fil-A’s secret to success is that it sticks to its chicken roots and focuses on its calling to consistently deliver excellence—despite ongoing criticism and calls for a boycott from some, like New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, who disagree with its Christian values.  

While Chick-fil-A also scores high on the Faith Equality Index (FEI)—coming in with one of the top scores at 63 points—another relatively faith-driven company, Cracker Barrel (FEI score: 53), also came out on top in the 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index’s full-service restaurant category.

Check out the Top 17 fast-food restaurants on the 2016 America Customer Satisfaction Index below and see how they score on the Faith Equality Index Score as well.  By matching your wallet to your faith-driven worldview as you make your dining decisions, you can help to create a marketplace that is more faith- and family-friendly—not to mention customer-service oriented.

  ACSI score FEI score
1. Chick-fil-A: 87 63
2. Papa John's: 82 42
3. Little Caesars Pizza: 81 37
3. Panera Bread: 81 36
6. Arby's: 80 37
6. Dunkin' Donuts:  80 42
6. Subway: 80 41
9. Chipotle: 78 N/A 
9. Domino's: 78 45
9. KFC: 78 29 
12. Pizza Hut:  77  29
13. Burger King: 76 35
13. Wendy's: 76 42
15. Starbucks: 75 27
15. Taco Bell: 75 29
17. Jack in the Box: 74 44
18. McDonald's: 69 33

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