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Women with short skirts, profane language showing disrespect and family drama—these are some things a person may tune-in to watch on primetime television during the week.

Many television networks like ABC, NBC, FOX and ABC Family host shows with ‘real housewives,’ celebrities attempting to ballroom dance and people who go to work in an office.

For many, these shows are a humorous escape from the world we live in. As Christians, this is a scary reality to face when we look at what is being offered to view; especially when we consider that people are consuming on average four or more hours of television a day, according to a 2010 Nielsen Company study.

In August 2011, “Dancing with the Stars” was under fire for allowing the transgender, Chaz Bono, to be a featured celebrity on the show. And some are no longer calling the show family-friendly.

Testing the limits of an audience happens on a frequent basis. Shows are pushing the envelope on sex, love, marriage, drugs, alcohol and presenting a worldview contradictory to what we find in the Bible.

What if networks began considering the values of its Christian audiences? What will Christians watch instead? We have preferences, wants and needs just like all other consumers with worldviews.

Some networks are considering the Christian viewer. TLC and Discovery’s series “19 Kids and Counting” illustrates a family that grows larger and larger each year without compromising Christian morals. ABC’s series “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” is a reality television series that gives a home to a less fortunate family in America.

Family-friendly entertainment includes the promotion of responsible themes and traditional values. Other primetime shows that are family-friendly include: “The Middle” on ABC, “Undercover Boss” on CBS and “Minute to Win It” on NBC.


Faith Driven Consumer supports the Parents Television Council (PTC) as a reliable resource for parents. PTC has created a weekly Parent’s Guide for Christians who want to watch wholesome television throughout the week. Visit the website to get your own copy and see what shows are rated family-friendly by clicking here. The criteria for ranking is found here.

The Association of National Advertisers Alliance for Family Entertainment also works to encourage programmers and advertisers to provide more family friendly programming. The alliance provides “consumers with entertainment options the entire family can watch.” Through research, they have found that Americans, overwhelmingly, want more family-friendly programming. Visit the Alliance for Family Entertainment by clicking here.

MovieGuide is a family guide to movies and entertainment. This guide offers “redeeming values of the entertainment industry, according to biblical principles.”

Faith Driven Consumer wants to encourage television networks, companies and organizations promoting wholesome television. Our vision is that by doing this, the marketplace will shift into one that honors God.

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