VIDEO: Firestorm over New “In God We Trust” Police Decal?


Jan 06, 2016 3:12 PM

A new decal on police vehicles in China Grove, NC is driving a social media firestorm. The town’s “In God We Trust” logo—which has been placed on police cars, fire department vehicles, and the city’s town hall—was announced in a Facebook post this week by the local police department. Almost immediately, a Seattle-based group called The Original Motto Project raised objections and said it is preparing to sue the town. “This is about separation of church and state,” said a spokesperson. 67 other towns have a similar logo on their vehicles, reflecting a long tradition the state.


There have been positive and negative views voiced in social media, with the vast majority in support of the town. According to several local news sources, the move is popular in China Grove, receiving the unanimous support from the city counsel. And the town’s mayor is not backing down. "If they don't like it, they don't have to come to China Grove," Mayor Pro Tem Steve Stroud told WSOC TV. Yesterday, China Grove also posted a follow up statement to let people know that they have heard everyone’s opinions, and to encourage respectful, open dialogue. 


"We fly the American Flag, we say the Pledge of Allegiance before our meetings, we have very low crime here and we felt like we would just simply support the United States motto by putting it on our vehicles,” Town Manager Ken Deal told Fox48 in Charlotte. 

Given that this is the very slogan that appears on all U.S. currency, it’s hard to understand why there is any controversy. 

As you take a look at the money in your wallet today and consider “In God We Trust”, we’d like to encourage you to carry that a step further by considering where you will spend that money, who you will do business with, and whether or not that brand is more compatible with you as a Faith Driven Consumer than its competitors.

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