2nd Update, May 16, 2014 – Following a swift and unified outcry by Faith Driven Consumers and fair-minded Americans across the nation, SunTrust today reversed its earlier decision to drop the Benham brothers – citing respect for the fundamental constitutional rights of all Americans. Faith Driven Consumer is grateful to all who collectively raised their voices against religious viewpoint discrimination in a united call for tolerance, fairness, and equality for all Americans. This also applies to those who hold to a biblical worldview, which includes respect for life and natural marriage.

UPDATED May 16, 2014 — Following HGTV’s decision last week to cancel the Benham brothers’ television show, SunTrust Banks has taken the highly unusual step of pulling all of its listed properties with the Benham Real Estate Group—and its franchises spread across four states—apparently based on the brothers’ biblical faith and worldview. By taking this discriminatory action, SunTrust has demonstrated its intolerance toward those who hold biblically  based views and chosen to exclude Faith Driven Consumers from its rainbow of diversity.

Send a message to SunTrust and other companies that it’s NOT OK to discriminate based on religion and deeply held faith convictions by signing our petition at the bottom of the page and continuing to speak out.  Together, we can send a powerful message to corporate America that Christians should be welcomed and respected equally alongside other groups in America.


Dear HGTV and Scripps Networks Interactive,

I am writing regarding your network's intolerant and discriminatory decision to cancel “Flip It Forward” from HGTV's fall 2014 lineup because of the pro-life and pro-natural marriage faith-driven beliefs of stars David and Jason Benham.

The views that the Benhams' have publicly expressed reflect a biblical view of life, sexuality, marriage, and family that have stood the test of time for thousands of years and continue to be held by the majority of Americans and your viewers  – including those in HGTV’s home market of Knoxville, Tennessee.

HGTV’s decision to exclude those who hold to a faith-based viewpoint held by 46 million Faith Driven Consumers who spend $1.75 trillion annually has no place in America’s inclusive rainbow of diversity.

And this decision contradicts HGTV’s stated core values of integrity and diversity, which emphasize “having a strong moral compass which points to character, honesty, ethical practice and accountability” and hold that all are included in the “broad canvas of interests, backgrounds, lifestyles and ethnicities.”

While some members of the pro-choice and LGBT communities may not agree with the biblical view on these particular issues, the notion that free-thinking Americans should be discriminated against simply for expressing a perspective that is in conflict with another is patently un-American and flies in the face of true tolerance and inclusiveness.

As a Faith Driven Consumer, I ask that you reverse your decision and reinstate "Flip It Forward” immediately out of respect for the millions of Americans who share the faith-driven worldview of its hosts.


John Q. Public


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  • Bring the Benham’s back. You shove the homo couple renovation stuff down our throats and to be fair and balanced we wish to see the straight and/or religious sides too. What in the hell has house renovation have to do with religion anyway. It is a Constitutional right to practice whatever we wish and you have an obligation to your customers as well as to not violate the Constitution!!! United we stand, divided we fall!!!
  • Equal representation goes both ways.
  • The moral fabric of America is being torn away.
  • Sign the petition asking @hgtv to #FlipThisDecision regarding @daviddbenham & @jasonbbenham:
  • We will NO LONGER be watching HGTV or supporting in any way…. What happened to religious freedom?? What happened to freedom of speech?? I guess that doesn’t exist for Christians in America anymore….
  • Thank you for this
  • Remove me from all your contest materials. You do not abide by the constitution. What happened to RELIGIOUS FREEDOM and FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
  • Sign the petition asking @hgtv to #FlipThisDecision regarding @daviddbenham & @jasonbbenham:
  • I cancel my subscription to the Magazine HGTV because of this action. Tired of being discriminated against because I am Christian.
  • In God we trust!
  • Let’s boycott HGTV, with they preference to show mostly gay couple.

    My European friends who watched HGTV were sure that US must have at list 50% gay population.
  • Freedom of Speech means to be for every American citizen, not just the rich Gays but any other popular “silent” majority! We buy things that ur rich advertiser are trying to sell BUT fuck with, like ur doing now and wont be silent for friggin much longer. Just ask A&E about Duck Dynasty!!!!!🇺🇸⚡️🙏😳
  • Christians should stand together. God bless you all.