Gifts that Give during the Christmas Season


By Adaline Haseltine

Christmas can be a very stressful time of the year. It seems that we get so caught up in buying everything on everyone’s list that we don’t stop to think about people who are in need.

There are several organizations that you can give to, especially during the Christmas season.

Although it is great to give during the Christmas season, it is important to consider the actual needs of communities. By actively serving in these communities and giving items that are actually needed, more benefits can come from your service.

New non-profit companies are redefining “giving” and using their profits to restore communities and help people find their talents:

  • Krochet Kids: Much like TOMS shoes, this non-profit is a retail distributor, but with a twist. Founders of the organization took their skills in crocheting and taught women in third-world countries how to crochet. Every time you buy a hat from Krochet Kids, the money is given to the woman who made the hat. The mission of the company is to “empower people to rise above poverty” with Jesus at the heart of everything they do.

Check out the company and buy hats here:

  • Hope International: This non-profit is a Christian faith-based organization “focused on alleviating physical and spiritual poverty through microenterprise development.” The company is focused on helping people rise from poverty through personal skill development. This Christmas, you can help Hope International and people around the world by purchasing specific items that will help with their specific skill Whether this is a hair dryer, used clothes, or woodworking tools, you are buying someone the ability to run a business.

Check out the company and donate here:

  • Sevenly: Another non-profit that sells clothing to raise funds, Sevenly’s mission is to “raise awareness for the world’s greatest causes” with a purpose to “learn the issues that break God’s heart, engage with the people who are called to the issue, and create awareness and a funding movement that supports them in their efforts” and a vision to “see thousands of lives changed through the efforts [they] enable.” Every week, Sevenly sells a new shirt for a new organization with a goal to raise a set amount of money.

Check out how you can purchase one of the t-shirts here and find out more about the company:

These are just a few non-profit organizations that are doing great things around the world in the name of Jesus. If you cannot give to these organizations, volunteer your time this Christmas season with Habitat for HumanityOperation Christmas Child (Samaritan’s Purse), the local soup kitchen, Toys for Tots, or some other charitable endeavor.  As Christians, our hearts should ache for those who cannot provide for their families and we should have a longing to help those who cannot help themselves.

Faith Driven Consumer encourages consumer choices that benefit those in need.  This is consistent with our mission.

Let’s put Christ back in Christmas by showing love for our neighbor—even if they live half way around the world—and encourage organizations whose mission is to spread the gospel through giving in time, effort, money and love.

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