‘God’s Not Dead’ Creates Powerful Point of Convergence for Viewers


Faith Driven Consumer

Feb 11, 2014 10:02 AM

Last fall we reported on the buzz surrounding the exciting and important new film God's Not Dead, releasing nationwide on March 21st. The trailer, featuring Duck Dynasty's Willie and Korie Robertson, went viral within hours of its release. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it here.

With Faith Driven Consumers nationwide fueling the demand for more faith-compatible entertainment options, God’s Not Dead creates a powerful point of convergence where viewers must fully consider the truth claims of the Gospel and make a decision.  Its well-written storyline skillfully navigates challenging contemporary topics and offers a thoughtful and respectful engagement between prevailing secular orthodoxy and the biblical worldview.  

Specifically, God’s Not Dead follows college freshman and devout Christian Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper) on his mission to disprove his dogmatic professor's (Kevin Sorbo) belief that there is no God. Faith Driven Consumer believes this movie has a powerful message that our culture needs to hear and merits our full support as a community.

There are several ways that you can support God's Not Dead:

  • Follow God's Not Dead on Facebook
  • View and share the God's Not Dead trailer
  • Sign up to receive updates about God's Not Dead
  • Mark your calendar to see God's Not Dead in theaters on March 21

Our support as a community will impact just how far and wide the message of God's Not Dead is spread.   



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  • Alright. To all of my fellow Christians : WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS. As in, we need to stop putting atheists (who are *gasp * people, as well!) down with ridiculous, blatantly ignorant propaganda! This movie is written like philosophy teachers stand for atheism and are against all Christians. Allow me to clarify: philosophy is actually a lot lot religion (in fact, a lot of people have been led to the light of a God through philosophy) except for one thing: the claims you make require proof. We KNOW that there is no proof for our God, that is why we have faith. So what if we cannot prove His existence? As for the philosophy class shown in the classroom… I have one word: inconceivable! Philosophy is a field that requires debate, asking ‘the important questions’, and deep thinking. Turning that into a an antoganist is going to make everyone (who is not completely uneducated) who sees that movie think ‘wow, Christians are so shallow!’. I don’t want that. Do you?
    P.S. Don’t even get me started on the way they portrayed atheists! There is a thick, very clear line between stupid and insulting – this movie flies right past it!
  • What is portrayed in this movie is happening all around the country in various forms. My friends son had a professor who said the worst thing that has happened to society is the FAMILY. He stood up for his beliefs the entire semester. Though this woman did not change her views, she had a new respect for this young man. We can make a difference.
  • I can’t wait to see this. We as Christians need to support the movies, actors, producers and directors who actually put out movies that are true Christian movies. I am truly disappointed with the releases over this past year, nothing but demonic influences and extremely dark story lines. God’s Not Dead, He’s surely alive!!!!! Can NOT WAIT to see it!
  • I had to get in on this when I saw the NOAH review. We can’t trust Hollywood to introduce Jesus to the world. WE must develop appealing presentations of Jesus as we introduce him to non-believers. We laymen are responsible for evangelism. We can’t rely on the clergy to build up the Church, because they are busy restoring us after we have contended with the pagan world all week long. Avoid arguments about things we cannot know. Jesus himself is the Truth. Introduce him, and he will do the rest.
  • This movie looks like shit