High School Shutting Down Christian Lunch Gathering? (and it’s off campus!)


Middleton High School in in Wisconsin allows its students to go off campus for lunch. Well, as long as they don’t eat Chick-fil-A and pray that is. A new Fox news report sheds some light:

“In 2014 a small group of parents began meeting with their children in a nearby park — providing home cooked meals along with a Christian-themed, inspirational message. The small weekly gatherings in the fall and spring eventually morphed into a popular gathering spot for hungry kids — with nearly 500 turning out for all sorts of goodies — ranging from Chick-fil-A sandwiches and fresh fruit to hundreds of homemade brownies.”

This gathering has become popular, and parents and students use it to share God’s love and some good, homemade food. Now, the Superintendent wants it shut down.

“Superintendent Donald Johnson and Principal Stephen Plank called the off-campus religious gatherings ‘divisive’ and they want the weekly non-denominational meetings shut down.”

His reasoning? “We believe that religious or political events do not have a place in our school or on our campus, except when sponsored by a student group in accordance with our rules, which require prior approval.” They are even calling the event dangerous, because it is not regulated by school health codes.

With an eyebrow raised, one begs the question—would you rather have Chick-fil-A and home-cooked food, or “healthy” school lunches? Lifeway Research recently released a poll showing that anti-Christian bias is rapidly on the rise, huge majorities of Americans agree. When you see stories like this nearly every week, it really is cause for concern.

If you were a parent of one of those kids, what would you do?

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