Hollywood buzz about “Year of the Bible Movie” causes epic stir


So what’s the buzz in Hollywood these days?  Well, the Bible, of course.

Hollywood has made dozens of movies based on biblical narratives over the years.  So why all the recent fuss about this year’s movie releases? 


Never before in cinematic history have we seen Hollywood produce four, multi-million dollar budget films about biblical stories in one year.  The closest we’ve come to this figure was the release of QUO VADIS and DAVID AND BATHSHEBA in 1951.
The 2014 “Year of the Bible Movie” releases include: 
SON OF GOD, in theaters now, Twentieth Century Fox
This movie about the life of Jesus Christ, from his birth to his resurrection, has already grossed over $42 million dollars during its first two weeks in theaters in the United States.
NOAH, in theaters March 28, Paramount Pictures & Regency Enterprises
With a budget of $130 million, this epic movie brings to life the biblical story of Noah’s obedience to God, when he builds the ark to save his family from the flood.
There's been significant controversy around this film due to its reported departure from the core Biblical message and story.
EXODUS, in theaters December 12, Twentieth Century Fox
An epic film based on the Old Testament story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt into the Promised Land.
MARY, set to release in December or early 2015, Lionsgate Films
The story of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, spans her life from age 13 to 27.
Looking to 2015, two more biblical movies to look for are “Pontius Pilate” and “The Redemption of Cain.” 
Clearly, Hollywood has realized that the Bible is the bestselling book of all time – and that the Faith Driven Consumer market segment of 46 million Americans is an economic powerhouse spending 1.75 trillion dollars annually.  And with fantastic characters and out-of-this-world stories, the Bible is ripe with hundreds of movies yet to be made. 
Now let’s see if Hollywood gets the story right.

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